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Inside WK12.9: This Is 12.

The W+K blog is pleased to introduce a new series of posts, “Inside WK12.9”, by Wayne Kasserman, a member of 12.9, the newest class of W+K’s in-house advertising school, reflecting on the 12 experience.

On Tuesday night 12.9 introduced themselves to the agency with an event titled, THIS IS 12.

For those of you that don’t know, W+K12 is an experimental advertising agency masquerading as an experimental advertising school deep within the walls of Wieden+Kennedy. Started in 2004 as a way to mold and shape today’s youngest and brightest talents, the program brings together about a dozen individuals from all walks of life for 12 months of creative thinking, creative making and, of course, failing harder. This year’s class chose to focus their first project around the number 12 and its incredible and undeniable value. Continue reading

A Roundup of Our Favorite W+K Global Blog Posts, August 26-September 1

Office moves and tours, funny emails and thoughtful interviews about art – it’s another week in the life of the W+K global offices. Check out the best posts from Portland, London, NYC, Delhi, Tokyo, W+K12, the Kennedys and Sao Paolo, below.
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