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W+K Pushing the Boundaries of Product Photography

071015_Stitched_2 (1)

Recently we decided to take the first (we think) ever Gigapan photograph of a sneaker and print it at ultra-high resolution. We wanted to push the boundaries of product photography – to capture almost microscopic detail of the shoe’s design – and celebrate beautiful design.  “Stitched”, an exhibit open to the public, will feature the coveted and recently released Nike Foamposite One “Sharpie” and Penny 6 pack shoes. 

Please join us for drinks and music this Friday (7/10) from 6–9pm in our lobby to enjoy this repurposing of technology usually reserved for the capturing of images from space.

Big thanks to Nike Sportswear!


Wieden+Kennedy Appoints New Global Executive Management Team, Colleen DeCourcy Joins W+K as Global Co-Executive Creative Director

“It is about making sure that the next generation of leadership gets started as early as they can. These are the most energizing pieces of news, I think, from the last couple days, that this agency has had in a long time. I mean, I know it’s important when we win the agency of the year, best global dee-dee-dah-dah-dah-dah-dah, but what we do inside, and how we keep this culture alive, and who are the people that we’re counting on to do that—this has been probably one of the biggest steps this agency has taken forward in a long, long time, and I can’t tell you how excited I am.”

—Dan Wieden


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W+K Week in Instagram, September 2-8, 2012

Every week, our employees, friends, visitors and passersby tag their snaps from around the agency on Instagram; here are a few of our favorites from the past week.

Visiting the Portland agency? Be sure to tag your pics with the “Wieden+Kennedy” location. And follow us on Instagram (username: wiedenkennedy).


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  2. chance_esquire_pants
  3. juliedery
  4. benguernsey
  5. andrewgallo
  6. mattsaintg
  7. vividadson
  8. chemin_reed
  9. bnjmndotme
  10. alcyondesign
  11. mamberson
  12. gabaiter

W+K 2012 Super Bowl Spots

For those that missed the game and those that can’t wait to watch last night’s spots again, here are ours. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


“It’s Halftime in America”

Share the video from the Chrysler YouTube channel and see how far across the country your Tweets and reshares reach.






You can replay highlights from the polar bears second screen experience on the Coca-Cola YouTube channel.