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Super Bowl 2013

Wash the chip-n-dips, put them away again for another year, and check out our spots from Super Bowl 47:



Coke’s “Chase” ad asked viewers to vote for who they’d like to win in a race to the last soda bottle in the desert: the Badlanders, the Cowboys, or the Showgirls.

Voters had the opportunity to sabotage the other teams, delaying them in the race:

And the winner was…

The Showgirls!



In Oreo’s “Whisper Fight”, library patrons argue about a question that has plagued humanity for aeons: cookie, or creme?

Fans of either can share an Instagram picture and tag it #cookiethis or #cremethis for a chance to have their photograph turned into a magnificent sculpture made of cookies or cream. Follow @Oreo on Instagram to see the works created so far.

Artists are standing by.