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W+K Tomorrow Releases First Title, American Dreamers, Available Now At Your Local Print on Demand Machine

This week, our own W+K Tomorrow has released their first title, a collection of essays entitled American Dreamers–which brings inventors, artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries together under one cover.

In it, Dr Zubrin reminds us why humans must travel to Mars; Cindy Gallop offers a real world alternative to porn; Stan Lee calls for heroes; and Arianna Huffington banishes old media gods. From cooking to space travel, from sex to running, it’s a mixture of projects, schemes, and blueprints for brighter futures.

The project is an experiment in book-making, as well as book-releasing. The team assembled over fifty dreams in a sweet book in just 3 months, and it’s available in digital form as well as through the makesharpstuff.com website.

W+K Tomorrow have said they’re keen to see how the content from American Dreamers can live in other forms. The poster at the top of this post was designed by Andy Prince, and inspired by Kurt Andersen’s piece called “Reset”. There will be more of those, and they’ve promised a couple of online experiments as well.

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