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W+K On the Side: Sad Animal Facts

Brooke Barker has some incredible and horribly sad animal facts.

Did you know that shark pregnancies last four years, sea turtles never meet their parents, and ostriches spend winters alone?

These are the kind of things you’ll learn from @sadanimalfacts, a series started by W+K Portland copywriter Brooke Barker. The Instagram account is dedicated to daily adorable illustrations of our animal friends, paired with little-known and depressing facts about them.



Brooke started the daily project 26 days ago as part of #the100dayproject. There are 74 days left to go and thousands of sad animals clamoring for a spot. If you know an especially sad animal fact that could use an illustration you can email her to nominate it.


Behind the Scenes of the Oreo Instagram Super Bowl Execution

We sat down with senior interactive strategist Agatha Asch to talk about the genesis of the Oreo “Cookie vs. Creme” Instagram execution for the Super Bowl, how it came about, and what was going on behind the scenes (hint: giant warehouses, and tubs of delicious white goo). Continue reading

W+K Holiday Decor Instagram Roundup

The W+K Studio loves to deck the halls for December, bringing a touch of the holiday spirit to everyone who passes through. Here’s a selection of some of the photos our employees, families and friends have snapped via Instagram.

To learn more about how the holiday decor was created, check out this W+K Studio blog post.

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W+K Week in Instagram, September 2-8, 2012

Every week, our employees, friends, visitors and passersby tag their snaps from around the agency on Instagram; here are a few of our favorites from the past week.

Visiting the Portland agency? Be sure to tag your pics with the “Wieden+Kennedy” location. And follow us on Instagram (username: wiedenkennedy).


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