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Wear Your Air For #AirMaxDay

Today is Nike’s Air Max Day, celebrating the Hatfield-designed, Pompidou-inspired shoe that launched the run revolution.


W+K Amsterdam

Wieden+Kennedy created a spot for the Air Max line which aired March 26, 1987, during the Cosby Show. The ad, which was shot in black-and-white on a Super 8 handheld camera, featured shots of professional and “everyday” athletes, all set to the tune of “Revolution” by The Beatles.


W+K NYC shared a great lineup video.

The story of the use of that song in the ad (although it was actually Apple Records that sued, not the Beatles, who supported the use of the piece, nor the rights holders, from whom it was purchased legally). Hell, they might sue us if we link to it here, so go Google it and come back to this post.

It was a revolutionary ad for a revolutionary shoe, and we celebrate its legacy to this day.


W+K Portland