Bring your A game


Bump has caught on here at WK like a wicked rash in your nethers. It’s a great way to blow off some steam and practice your jumper. Maybe the next time old MJ comes by to shoot around, you can be the first to bump his ass! Bring it.

River Rafting Retreat


We were broken into groups of six and we each had to come up with a theme. Drunk sailors, Vikings, Team Zissou 1 and 2, Printer jammers, Medics and the Business men (?) attacked the currents of the McKenzie River with complete disregard for safety. FANTASTIC! After a frigid dousing of river water, we retreated to the confines of the United States Basketball Academy. Talent shows and an evening spent around the campfire worked us into a hazy fog of innebrieation that would leave even the most hearty of booze asses weak in the knees.

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Say hello to Sarah Hollowood. She just moved out here from Park Slope in Brooklyn, New York and now living in NE near Concordia. She is new to the studio this week and working on P&G. A Penn State Alum in Graphic Design who has worked at Pentagram and Martha Stewart, Sarah is happy to be in Portland altogther. Swing by and say hi or in passing. She sits near the scanners and Dominic Orlando.