Show us your pie

Today is the W+K annual pie off.



40+ Pies from around the globe (literally).

1 Dan Wieden.

1 Winner.

Here are some teasers.

Pickin’ and Grinnin’

On Friday Justin Hays, Andrew Schafer, Gene Willis and Jed Alger broke out into a bluegrass jam session in the Starbucks quad. They were incredible. Who knew Jed and Gene could sing! What an awesome way to end the week. YeeHaw!

play harder

What a week. Lots of late nights and take out food for several people. Here is Julie Gash wielding a late night xacto knife for an early morning pitch.08_3
Even though the hours are long and the work gets hard, we play just as hard and have fun. The Rapture came by for the fourth installment of the WK lunchbox series to help us blow off some steam. Remember that these shows are open to the public so bring your friends in for lunch. We will announce the next show soon.