Second Life at W+K

Perhaps some of you have heard about Nerd Life, cough, we meanSecond Life, but if not, it has been described as “an unholy offspring of the movie The Matrix, the social networking site Myspace, and the online marketplace Ebay.” The Financial Times has dubbed it “the most visually impressive of the new generation of social-networking sites that are fuelling a resurgence of commercial interest in the web, suddenly and brazenly tipping its way into the popular imagination.”

Non-user may liken it to the Sims, but in reality there are few similarities. Second Life is a creation of its users and boasts a fully functioning economy (just today, the first SL millionaire has been named).

James Au Wagner from Second Life came to talk to us about what it is, where it’s going, and why everyone is talking about it.





The ski season at Mt. Hood officially started. A few of us went up skiing last weekend and it was beautiful. When’s the Studio ski trip going to happen?!?! Michele????