Dropped into Wieden + Kennedy’s New York office to check it out. WK occupies the 7th floor of this building located in Soho right next to the entrance of the Holland Tunnel.
The lobby has photos of the people who work there. A trait of every WK branch.
Went out to lunch with Liz Turrigiano from Art Buying New York, Josh Scott and Rachel Shapiro from the Portland office. Josh is assisting the two Creative Directors of the New York office, Todd Waterburry and Kevin Proudfoot. Josh has been busy and still getting acclimated, but he is stoked on living in the apple. Give him a shout if you think of it.

Mao Tse Justin

Join us to salute Justin Hays who is formally changing his name to Mao Tse-Justin and moving to the WK Shanghai office for the next 2 years.



The gingerbread lattes are back at Starbucks which means two things: CHRISTMAS and the Starbucks new holiday website! Check out Its Red Again. Chris Jacobs, Paul Bjork, Bev Davis and a huge team of people helped make this site a reality. Nice Work!

While the baristas whip you up a venti, extra hot, white, soy, double shot, no whip, extra sprinkle, nonfat peppermint mocha, visit itsredagain.com and share your favorite Holiday tradition!


The Honeymooners

Congratulations to Matt and Olivia who recently tied the knot and are now in Italy on their honeymoon. They sent us this postcard.
Translation: “We’re eating all of the tasty pasta in Italy. ALL OF IT. LIKE EVERY LAST BIT. See you soon!”


Matt and Olivia’s dog Ollie patiently waits in Studio for their return.