Maria’s resolution

What’s your resolution? Nike+
AD: Ryan O’rourke
CW: Dylan Lee
CD(s): Mike Folino/Steve Luker
Media: Alex Barwick, Nikki Barlett-Stein, Christy Ruiz; Tim Switzer
Account Team:  David Beauvais/Alberto Escobedo
Edited at Joint

Nike+ New Year’s Resolution

Loose ten pounds, quit smoking, take up a hobby, stop drinking so much, take dancing lessons, eat right, drink more often. Whatever your new years resolution, what is going to make you keep it? Nike+ can help you out.

Bobbing for Lobsters

The magic and/or process of advertising can happen very quickly. Here is a comp for the mechanical bull video to help convey the idea on a pitch.
Mechanical_bullBelow is the finished product.
Mechanical Bull


Ice Princess

AD: Jayanta Jenkins
CW: Burks Spencer
PRODUCERS: Jessica Staples, Felicia Glover
CD(s): Mike Folino/Steve Luker
MEDIA: Alex Barwick, Nikki Barlett-Stein, Christy Ruiz; Tim Switzer

stocking stuffer

Back in July we found out this was happening. This Christmas it happened. Jesse Snyder brought home his daughter Ruby on Christmas Day. Ruby_1
She was born on Dec 23rd
6 lbs 1oz
19.75 inches
Congratulations Jesse + Tina!