WK Lunchbox with Pete Yorn

Pete Yorn is going to swing into WK tomorrow, Friday the 9th. Tell any Pete Yorn fans you know about it and bring your lunch with you. 224 13th Ave 12:30 to 1pm in the atrium. See you there.



Ding dong, Kurt Parker is gone and he has turned into a Japanese pixie girl with a clown outfit. Not exactly but, Kurt has jumped an ocean to do a stint in the Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo office. Here is a glamour shot from a recent karaoke send off.


No Sympathy

Faster than a speeding bullet, WK Interactive got this new Serena Williams spot up on NIKE.COM in two days. Congrats to Serena and WK Studio who both kick ass!

Role Call:
Dominic Orlando-Animation
James Selman, Chris Thurman-AD
Nathan Goldberg-Copy
Todd Moritz-Musak
Byron Oshiro-Nunchucks

Full Nelson


Give a flying headbutt from the top turnbuckle to Josh Nelson. He enters the ring from Cinco Design where he was a watch designer. You might have met him already but, he is in the blue corner over where Kurt Parker used to reside. Kurt has split for the Tokyo office for a few months and Josh is the #1 ranked contender for some Nike Golf. Hailing from San Diego and weighing in as a huge Chargers fan, Josh has a bone to pick after the Chargers early exit in the 1st round of the playoffs. Only bring up the New England Patriots with Josh if you have Rowdy Roddy Piper in your corner.