Unlike a urinary track infection in a water buffalo meandering outside Bangalore, the work does not stop from pouring out the doors of WK Portland. Old Spice is the latest to add to the flow with it’s kick off campaign happening this weekend.
After almost a year of strategic and creative development, organizational sell-in and a great deal of blood, sweat and trips to Cincinnati, the Old Spice campaign kicks off this Sunday’s NFL playoff games.
The brand campaign is supported by print which breaks this month and a microsite, experienceoldspice.com, which goes live this weekend. There is also great product TV and print for deodorant (launches mid-month) and body wash (launches end of Feb).
So, enjoy the work, enjoy the games this Sunday and congratulate the team. Next to experience, perseverance…is everything.

Quick stitch

Here is the latest Ronaldinho campaign that was executed by WK over the later part of 2006. Ronaldinho, who recently won his 3rd World Player of the Year award, is the best footballer alive. Without a doubt this guy has a signature model shoe reffered to as 10R. A great traditional looking boot that has all of the specs that Ronaldinho himself wanted. To send this thing off we ran an ad in Eurosport in early December.


Go check out the site over at http://www.nike.com/nikesoccer to find out more about this amazing athlete.
This particular job went through countless rounds of changes because everyone involved wanted to make it work just right. Thanks for everyone who were involved in making this happen.
Jackie Sherman
Robert Kendall
Brad Simon
Chris Soli
Mathew Foster
Frazer Goodbody
Erik Weeman

Maria’s resolution

What’s your resolution? Nike+
AD: Ryan O’rourke
CW: Dylan Lee
CD(s): Mike Folino/Steve Luker
Media: Alex Barwick, Nikki Barlett-Stein, Christy Ruiz; Tim Switzer
Account Team:  David Beauvais/Alberto Escobedo
Edited at Joint