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W+Kers: Meet W+K’s Ad Tech Operations Team

As part of our series on Wieden+Kennedy employees, we bring you Portland’s Ad Tech Operations team. Read below to meet Kwame, Kira, Vinu and Abe, and learn about how they connect our internal teams’ work with ad space on the web.
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W+Ker Series: Meet Brandon

Virginia native Brandon Thornton has been with W+K as a planner for nearly a year, and between his work, his photography and sneaker hobbies and his blog about Portland arts and culture, he’s really settling into his new Oregon home. Check out our interview with Brandon to learn more about this fascinating guy.
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W+Ker Series: Meet Chaucer

Like most W+K’ers, Chaucer Barnes had a crazy journey finding his way to Wieden+Kennedy. It’s full of cross country trips, garage bands, and falling in love along the way. Aside from being the dapper dude that always sports the coolest fedoras, he does Digital Media Strategy on EA + AICF. He’s a pretty interesting guy, so we decided to interview him this week to get to know him a bit more.

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