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The holiday hiatus is over and new episodes abound!

Check out a summary of the offerings below, and get the full load over
at WKE.


Episode 2,
featuring Colin Meloy

Califunya Episode 2: Bluebird
A musical frolic in a beautiful garden, featuring the Califunya cast
and special guest, Colin


Episode 2: The Robinsons

The Robinsons
Kevin and Anita Robinson
(also of Viva Voce and Blue Giant) stop by the WKE studio to play a
couple of songs. Psychedelic visual effects from one of the original
1960s Joshua Liquid Light
are perfectly complemented by a special trippy sound mix
provided by Kevin.


Space by Mike Wilson

Separated by stars, a girl and a boy attempt to rekindle their old
romance. The girl works at a factory in space, sewing space helmets
for emergency evacuation. She is a slave. The boy lives in a paper
house in the country. He has slept for a long time, and when he awakes
he is determined to meet the girl in space. Will his lightning bolt
rocket ship carry him all the way through… Space?!
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WKE Release Tuesday: Califunya and Feature Of The Week

Every Tuesday, we have new programming up on WKE for your viewing enjoyment.
Most exciting, and the one we've all been waiting for…


Califunya Poster
Califunya is a variety show written and directed by Becky Stark. The show features a revolving cast of guest stars, including musicians Ariana Delawari and Mia Doi Todd, filmmaker/artist Miranda July, visual artists Jim Drain, costume designer Miss KK and many more.

Feature of the Week: The Dirty Ones

687x352 FOTW Ep 3
The Dirty Ones tells the story of two young Mennonite sisters whose car breaks down somewhere in the southern United States. It received Official Selection at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008.
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