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Inauguration Live on WK Radio

Inuaguration Day on WK Radio.
Join us: Tuesday, Jan. 20th at 8am.
W+K ECD, Mark Fitzloff and Joani Wardwell, W+K Global Director of Public Relations, cover the pre-Obama inauguration ceremony live on WK Radio at 8am (PST).
As a former white house staffer, Joani will provide us with an insider’s perspective on the process. We’ll also check in with some folks here at W+K and on the street in DC. We want to hear from you!
Join us at WK Radio Group on facebook.
We’ll switch over to the CNN coverage and stream live for the swearing in ceremony.

Poster by Tony Frusciante

WK Radio

This week on WK Radio Dan Wieden; Kill Rock Stars Music Label; Global Recruiting feature; Interviews with bands, ‘Of Montreal’ and ‘Dungen’; John Jay discusses W+K as cultural curators; and much more. Check the website for a complete programming calendar.

WK Radio Live Jan. 5

The countdown to the launch of W+K Radio is on.
WK Radio will be live and available to everyone on Monday at 9am (PST) January 5th 2009.

You can listen here:

The radio extension exists to inspire creativity through provocative conversations, interviews and artistic expressions relating to arts, culture, media, and music. We’re starting small with minimal programming hours, with a goal to eventually share an equal amount of programming between our seven different offices and their communities worldwide.
Stop by the studio if you have something to say.

This endeavor has been spearheaded by Janice Grube and Radio Sloan. It could not have happened with a little help from our friends. Thanks to Bill Davenport, Sean O’brien, Tony Frusciante, Trent Johnson, Scott Kleiner, Guillaume Mathieu, Joshua Perez, Shayla Hason, Steven Denekas, Gaia Brown, Alicia Kuna, Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman, and Dan for making it happen.