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SXSW Edition: Q&A with Filmmaker Sarah Shapiro

Next week, our own Sarah Shapiro will premiere her short film “Sequin Raze” at South by Southwest.

“On the closing night of hit reality show The Hunk, jaded, once-feminist producer Rebecca Goldberg’s moral compass is tested when the lawless show psychologist gives her inside information on the contestant she is sent to mentally destroy.”

We talked with Sarah about her creative process, how to get talented actors to work for free, and how her W+K family helped make the project a reality. Continue reading

W+K On the Side: Music of Paradise Celebrates Portland Garage Rock Scene, Spirit of the ’60s

The shakin’ 60’s-inspired band Paradise has just released a new music video, and is preparing for a performance later this week. We sat down with W+K’s own Tamar, the Farfisa player in Paradise, to talk about the creative process, how to attract a couple hundred mods to your swinging performance, and that cool ’60s vibe.

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W+K On the Side: On the Wing Film Documents Beloved Portland Institution, the Chapman Swifts

photo by itsmelizzle

Last week in the Atrium, digital strategist Dan Viens showed his documentary “On the Wing”, a film about the flock of thousands of Vaux’s Swifts that roosts in the chimney of nearby Chapman Elementary School during their annual southern migration.

Watching the birds float, flit and soar in amazing patterns in September every year is a beloved PDX tradition, and Viens wanted to capture its history, the conservation efforts surrounding it, and the “totally Portland” atmosphere of the bird-watching events.

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