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Eternal Gratitude

This weeks issue of the Portland Mercury has an article about Chris Larson’s band Deelay Ceelay.Cover-9.48-570Music1-570
The statement is as follows: “Please do not buy our album. It’s not for sale. We are not merchants. We prefer a non-monetary exchange. We want to know who you are. We would rather have a story or a poem or a photograph or a song than a $10 bill. This is communication.”

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See them tonight at galleryHOMELAND
2505 SE 11th

My Sky. Your Sky. Our Skies.

I saw a video and I liked all of it. It was made by Chris Lael Larson from Studio. The video, To Remember That Our Skies Are The Same Skies, just got the nod for the PDX Film festival this coming Saturday, May 3rd. If you can’t make that, you can see Chris’s short film at the NW Film Center as well as the work of several other talented artists through May.

Click here to view the trailer for To Remember That Our Skies Are The Same Skies