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Author Steve Almond Reads From His New, Radically Self-Published Books

Author Steve Almond, in town for Wordstock at Powell’s Books, joined us in the W+K Atrium last week to discuss the state of publishing today, options for authors and why he’s decided to become “a drug dealer for books.”
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Author Ken Mercer

Dear Blog readers that are in Portland tomorrow, 
You are invited to see writer, Ken Mercer

Ken started his career in advertising, but could not shake the urge to be doing " real" writing. Back in the early 90s, he wrote his first book, a private eye novel then later ended up burning it. Years later while on an Independence Day trip with his family to a small town in rural Northern California, he got the idea for another book that would eventually become Slow Fire. He sat down and began to write it that September, and worked on it for almost four years. 

Please join us while Ken talks about his journey.

Friday Lunchbox


Bring your lunches and join us in the atrium tomorrow for Stephanie
Schneiderman! This is our final LunchBox for ol’ 2008 so make sure you
don’t miss it.

There is also going to be some great swag you can buy to help benefit
Voices For Silent Disasters and Mercy Corp.

Tomorrow @ 12:33pm in the atrium. See you then!