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EM Dash vs EN Dash, it’s Proofreader Appreciation Day

They correct our "you're" and "yours." Research the proper use of "commingle" and confirm if polar bears and penguins cohabit the same land mass. They debate commas with writers and point out inconsistent font sizes with art directors and they distract us with their yummy summer reading library (Life and Def by Russell Simmons anyone)?

They are the ladies of 6. Thank you Brie, Rachel and Liz! 



It's also national punctuation day- learn something

Wedding and Kennedy Strikes Again

Cupid strikes Wedding+Kennedy. What is this number 37*? Studio designer Christin Spagnoli and Joint editor Matthew Hilber met at W+K Founders Day 25. He asked her her thoughts on cockfights, she thought his name was Corky. Two years later, it’s wedding bliss. Congrats to Christin and Matt!

*Please note: Christin thinks there have been around 37 couples that found their soul mates within the halls of WK globally. Plus or minus 30.

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Thanks Vinnie

Vincent’s last day is today.
He’s leaving to start the next chapter/adventure of his life. He’s going to California to train to be a river raft guide. Jerk.

He came here as a mailroom temp during the 2005 holiday season.

He’s been a joy to work with and is one of the people that makes this place work.

I’m sure he missed a day of work somewhere, but I don’t remember it.

Here’s what I remember:

If you started here after November 2005, he set up your desk.

If you moved, he moved you.

If you drank a beer, he put the keg there for you to enjoy.

If you got a newspaper in the morning, he may have put it there.

If you got a piece of mail or a package, he may of put it there.

If you got a bookcase, desk, chair, filing cabinet – he put it there.

If you needed it, he got it.

And maybe you didn’t get any of these things from him, but I bet you got a smile.

And that’s what I’ll miss most.

What do you remember?

The Mayor of Blessingtown

Today we celebrate Tom Blessington’s 47th birthday. Tom is our Managing Director and a devout NY Jets fan. Robin Rosenberg seized the moment to flex her cake making muscle.
WK5 made a site of known Blessington quotes. Definitely worth a look. There is some deep fried gold in there.
Happy Birthday Tom.