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On August 31st, Nike hosts the Human Race, a global 10K running event. A million people from various points on Earth are expected to get their Nike+ gear fired up and hit the streets, paths, fields, thoroughfares, trottoirs, footways, berms, and other running surfaces around the planet.

Here at W+K, we’re readying ourselves for the big day. For the seasoned runners amongst us, this will be a fun little challenge. For the rest of us, it will be a superhuman feat of endurance, complete with profuse sweating, delirium, and a waves of nausea.

As an incentive, Dan Wieden selected a pair of lucky participants as winners of the W+K Human Race Challenge “grand prize,” an all-expenses paid trip to the Human Race city of their choice, along with a VIP pass to the post-race concert. View the exciting selection process below.

Thanks again to all who have signed up for the race— over 580 employees across the global network.

In the words of Mr. Wieden, “I’ll pray for you if you’ll pray for me.”

WINNERS:Winners Congratulations Amy and Sandi!

2×10=WK earth (kinda)

Ok so here is the gig. Go to each office in the WK network. Take some notes, listen, ask some questions, do whatever it is that you do. When you get back we’ll figure something out. That is the task that Andrew Dickson and Christin Spagnoli got charged with last month. Starting from the mothership and heading in an Easterly direction, that would include New York City, London, Amsterdam, Dehli, Shanghai and Tokyo. These two now hold the mysteries of the Universe in their heads. Now we just have to get the stuff out and on a plate.Japan

Here are 10 things they learned.


1. that interactive does not mean websites
2. that in Japan so many people were embarrassed to pee in public restrooms that the government added a “flushing” sound to the toilets that you can push to disguise the sound of your pee. And the toilet seats are heated.
3. most of the rumors are true
4. to not ask how, but ask why
5. it’s the year of the MOUSE people, not the RAT.
6. the work really does come first
7. that managing directors are often the person you most want to go have
drinks with
8. what Tokyo Lab does
9. that if any agency could send matt murphy to the moon, it would be this
10. that all the offices are my favorite one


Amsterdam is a village, not a city. I think I’m a fan of villages.

Actual Chinese food is so much better than anything in the States.

If we stopped making ads we wouldn’t go out of business.

The India office is going to blow some minds.

But get to the New Delhi airport 4 hours early. Bring plenty of water because you won’t have to throw it away until get you through security 3 hours of standing in line later. So wear comfortable shoes. And maybe pack a Xanax if you’re prone to anxiety attacks.

The London office is as fun as their work. Coincidence?

Planners are wicked smart, even the shy ones.

The Japanese wear hospital masks not to protect against bird flu or pollution but so as not to pass along their sniffles.

As an agency we need to share work with each other more effectively because I saw some mind-blowing shit I would have never seen otherwise that will no doubt make me a stronger creative if only I can get over my run on sentence problem.

I still have no idea how I landed this awesome assignment but it epitomizes what a great place this is.