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Introducing the new apparently it’s date worthy

We launched our new website.

It's meant to be a dynamic exhibition of the work we do as a global agency, starring the people who do it. Content (both advertising and W+K branded) will be refreshed constantly in order to make each visit a new experience.

The site features the latest and greatest work from each office, a random selection of employees from around the world (which will eventually be customized by each employee to link to their individual profiles, art, music and blogs). Just refresh the site and you'll find a new mix of work and people. You can also go deeper and search by client, office or employee.

The other notable section of the blog is WKE, our new network of W+K branded content which features episodic shows, slimemold hour (which plays live from 4-5pm PST) and more.

So please visit. Watch the new WKE programming. Learn some Wiedenisms. Help us make the site better. Did we miss anything? Is something not working well? Give us your comments.

But mostly, we really hope you like the site. Enjoy!

PS. Best site-related tweet so far comes from JoeyB who writes "I would probably have sex with wk's new site on the first date. just sayin"

Thanks Joey B. Wherever you are.

And to all those who made it happen, a special thanks: Dan Wieden, Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman, Bill Davenport, Joani Wardwell, Sean O'Brien, Guillaume Mathieu, Christine Vo, Kiem Vu, Rodney Curl, Colin Black, Janice Grube, Aaron Rose, Ava Hegedus, Josh Perez, Laurie Brown, Dave Ewald, Scott Kleiner, Kris Hanson, Christin Spagnoli, Victoria Krueger, Christine Ellsworth, and the entire W+K global network


What do you get when you mix W+K Tokyo and W+K Amsterdam? A BRAIN apparently. Mark Sloan and Demelza Rafferty of our WK Amsterdam office joined up with our Tokyo office PR manager Kuki Akaeda and were given the task of designing the cover of the new issue of the Japanese magazine, BRAIN. 

Each month BRAIN shares a color theme and asks agencies across the globe to design the cover. For this issue the theme was “Green”. It’s a cool piece of artwork from the global W+K cocktail.


Introducing W+K PLATFORM

Wieden + Kennedy London is launching a brand new initiative on 9th September 2009, a fully-fledged creative talent hub: ‘Platform’.

Platform will draw out the best and as yet undiscovered, creative minds from the worlds of arts, sciences and technology around the globe that W+K will search for and recruit throughout the summer of 2009. We are looking to find people from diverse backgrounds and skill sets, who possess inspirational and curious minds. The successful applicants will work as a collective to solve live business problems, as well as working in isolation on specialist projects awarded for their particular skills. In addition to Platform working in conjunction with W+K on live client briefs, they will also work in isolation on research, creative and product development projects and with local communities around the world to do more good.

Platform is the evolution of W+K’s talent scheme ‘W+Kside’ that ran for the last three years. We invited four people from outside the advertising industry to come into the heart of our business and work alongside us to help solve our client’s business problems. We discovered that because these people came from broader creative disciplines, they did not start with the traditional advertising solutions, to great effect. Their surprising, inspirational approach invigorated the agency and our clients alike and because of this success, our bolder new talent venture evolved.

Platform will be situated in a dedicated space in Wieden + Kennedy’s offices on Hanbury Street, East London and will function alongside the agency itself. We have expanded in to The Black Eagle Brewery building where Platform will sit, surrounded by a number of other environments situated around it, including a research lab, product development unit, auditorium, flexible gallery space, workshop and additional Wieden + Kennedy work areas.

At Wieden + Kennedy, we believe that inspiration is the key to learning. With this in mind we have invited the most talented and prominent figures from the arts, sciences, technology and education communities to become patrons for Platform. They will offer lectures, workshops, debates, work swaps and will participate in many different areas of our programme across the coming months. Patrons include Dean Linda Drew from University of Arts London; Jeremy Ettinghausen, Head of Digital Publishing at Penguin; Sarah Featherstone, Architect; Russell Davies, Global Strategist; Deep Kailey Fashion Editor Vogue India; and Joel Gethin Lewis, Interaction Designer and Artist.

Applicants should visit for more information. Here they will find a prospectus explaining everything they’ll need to know about Platform, together with a brief to enter. We would like candidates to answer the creative brief as well as create a personal video profile. We will go through all creative submissions then invite a selected group into the agency for an open day where there will be a number of other challenges. This will take place at Wieden + Kennedy London. Platform recruitment works on a rolling basis so if you miss out on the first round, there will be further opportunities to apply in the future.

Sam Brookes, Managing Director Platform said, ‘Having a diverse mix of talented people with different skills, fresh approaches and boundless energy will not only provide surprising creative solutions for business problems but it will invigorate everyone at W+K into working in new ways and thinking beyond advertising.’

For further information:

Bella Laine
020 7194 7000
Sam Brookes
020 7194 700

Below is an article from Creative Review.
Creative Review Graduate Guide June 2009

W+K=MAKE – Art Show benefiting Room to Read


Welcome to our global art show! The show features artwork from employees across all disciplines and represents all of our global offices including Amsterdam, Delhi, London, New York, Portland, Shanghai and Tokyo. In keeping with W+K’s dedication to supporting charities that provide educational opportunities, all proceeds from the show will benefit Room to Read.

The exhibit is being held in W+K’s Portland office and is free to the public with an opening party on First Thursday, May 7, from 6 to10 p.m. The exhibit features artwork of various mediums, craft, sculpture, music, and film & animation. 

The opening party will include live musical performance by two deejays from W+K’s Portland office: DJ Safi and DJ The Perfect Cyn. Newly launched in-house radio station WK Radio plans to play music exclusively by W+K employees the evening of the event. 

 “W+K is an idea company that isn’t solely an ad agency,” says Portland Executive Creative Director and W+K=MAKE co-conceptor Susan Hoffman. “It’s a place where every employee can explore creativity.”

Global Executive Creative Director John Jay and co-conceptor of the event further notes, “W+K=MAKE is an expression of our agency culture, which has long celebrated and supported the ideas and passions of the individual. With no regard to the artists’ job title, position or seniority, this will be our most intimate creative expression ever. This is a demonstration of passion from those we are so proud to work with every day.” 

All purchases of artwork can be made online at beginning May 7, 2009. One hundred percent of sales proceeds goes to San Francisco–based Room to Read, an organization that provides education in developing countries by establishing libraries, creating local-language children’s literature, constructing schools and providing education to girls. 

Room to Read is an innovative nonprofit leader dedicated to promoting and enabling global education. This is done by establishing libraries and schools, publishing and distributing local-language children’s books and providing long-term educational support for girls to pursue and complete their secondary education.