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W+K Pups: Bentley & Shelby


Meet Kecia McLaughlin’s Bentley and Shelby

This week’s fluff is dedicated to two dogs that rarely leave each other’s side: Bentley & Shelby.

Bentley and Shelby are Kecia’s self proclaimed “furry children.” Bentley is a shepherd mix and Shelby is a lab mix and they are both 4 years old. They are rescues from Must Love Dogs NW, an organization Kecia volunteers at. Bentley and Shelby enjoy going for car rides, hiking, watching animal planet, taking long naps and attending Dogpatch resort for doggie play day. They are the best of friends and they like spending all of their time together. Everyone: 1, 2, 3… aw!

Monday Feature: The Essential Members of the Target Team

By Agatha Asch

You’re probably familiar with this guy:Bullseye+Willie
No, not Willie. Bullseye, Target’s mascot, and someone here at W+K we know inside and out. What you may not know is the team of animals behind the humans who work on this piece of business here. And so, today we are featuring some cherished and essential members of the Target team here at W+K: our animals.

Meet Megan Nugent’s Mona:

Yup, that’s short for Ramona Quimby. Other aliases include Mona Pie, Naughty Monkey, Garbage Breath, and Boomba, among many others. She’s a water dog (obvi), tennis ball obsesser, dog toy thief and sneaky licker. (If you're not careful, she'll lick inside your mouth. Yuck!)

Meet Elisa Silva’s little big ball of joy Fiction Five O’Clock Silva:


He’s a 95-pound Shar-Pei mix from Austin, Texas. He enjoys snuggling, eating expensive shoes, and Tarantino films.

Meet John Rowan’s Koty:

He is an 11 1/2 year old Golden Retriever.  Aside from eating and sleeping, Koty enjoys extreme peeing, stealing chicken nuggets from John’s 2-year-old daughter, and going to the vet.

Meet Ellen Kong’s Basel:
Basel’s favorite place to take a nap is on his beanbag. He hates being spoken to in baby talk – yeah, he’s a mature pup at heart.

Meet Jordan Delapoer’s Cats, Cleo & Oscar (top to bottom):

According to Jordan, despite Cleo’s appearance, she’s a bitch. And Oscar? Well, he’s kind of simple.