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Our Favorite W+K Global Posts, August 22-26

Adult movie posters, Kennedy+Wieden, changing the face of the music industry and inadvertently showing up to work wearing the exact same outfit? Yep, sounds like W+K global! Check out last week’s top posts from London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Delhi and Portland below the jump, plus the best .gif of the week.
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Our Favorite W+K Global Posts, August 15-19

From heartfelt artwork to cross-country road trips, our Wieden+Kennedy global offices have been busy! Check out our favorite posts of the last week from Portland, W+K12, Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Delhi, London and Amsterdam, below the jump.

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Oh Goodie! W+K Studio is Back!


You betcha baby, back and better than ever. Check out their latest blog reincarnation, Goodness and the launch of their latest project keeping their design belly's full, TEASE.

TEASE was the brainchild of studio manager/designer Dani Guralnick who thought a little healthy t-shirt design competition amongst the W+K Studio folks would be a fun way to keep the creative juices flowing when there were no ads to be made. Check out our Studio deemed winners. We hope you have as much fun buying and wearing them, as we did making them. 

Our New Blog

The W+K blog began three years ago as a fun side project in the Studio. And it was great and we all loved it. But the WWW is a cruel place and our blog quickly grew into a giant ugly monster. So we killed it.

Today we launched our new blog. The URL is now:

Thanks to Rob Kendall, Tony Frusciante, Trent Johnson, Scrappers and Scott Kleiner for working hard to make this happen.

W+K Shanghai Blog

The Shanghai office has been doing their blog since June. They’ve been making moves in China and showing a bit of the office’s culture. Big ups to the Shanghai office getting past the Chinese internet police and doing their thing.

If you don’t get them the first time, try again later. The internet connection is a bit scattered in China.