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W+K 12 Brandland


Mint flavored crystal forests. Smooth, silky, chocolate, milky rivers. Squirrels in the park feast on nut and nugget wafers. This is W+K 12 Brandland. A place built of seductive, delicious, neon light plastic, rich, creamy cement and solid, chiseled glass titanium edging. W+K 12’s Brandland exhibition is an exploration into the world of art and advertising and it will be on display starting tonight at Powells books.


First Thursday: Brandland
Powell’s City of Books on Burnside
Thursday the 5th, 7:00PM

America. Love it or fix it.

W+K12 was asked to design a spread for the first issue of GOOD Magazine with the theme “I heart America”. After the project, GOOD came to 12 and asked if they could make a short film about the process. Check it out…. We have no idea why Scrappers has a raccoon around his neck. Seriously, WTF! But we like it!