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NASA sends us Freeze Dried Space Ice Cream. We Stuff our faces.

W+K 12 Year Five has been madly working on Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum’s advertising campaign (look for the float we designed at the Rose Parade) and tomorrow june 6th is the opening of the new space museum. It’s a really amazing place.


2 museums (aviation& space) and an iMax theater. If you’ve never been, GO! You won’t be disappointed!
Open daily 9-5. Check out their site at


A group of astronauts came through the building yesterday passing out space ice cream. Surprisingly, it’s really really really good.

Former WK12 Year 1’r Rudy Adler recently launched a new website – How I Spent My In January, Congress approved $152 billion in economic stimulus checks for millions of American households, intended to boost the economy and avert a recession. Just how this money will be spent remains to be seen. Rudy hopes this website helps shed some light on where the stimulus money is going.

Rudy created this as a collaborative project. All blog entries are submitted by visitors to the site. He’d love for you to contribute — just upload a photo and share your story.

Lottery Tickets. Real smart! Hope you win big!

Beer for all his bros. Idiot! Drink up, buddy!

Cutest Most expensive cat in the world.

Share how you’re going to spend your $600 stimulus check at





12.4’s first major campaign is out in the world. Wordstock, Portland’s Literary Festival, is happening November 8-11th and features author readings, writing workshops and a book fair. The campaign was built on the idea that words — and through them, literature — are completely essential to our existence, allowing us to express our experiences and thoughts, and giving the world around us meaning. It includes posters, TV, radio, 1,000 red books hidden around Portland and the Wordstock chair logo brought to life.

This Friday, November 9, 2007, is the Night of Literary Feasts–your chance to host a private dinner with your favorite Wordstock author. Invite your best clients, your literary-minded friends, or your book club. Hold the dinner in the privacy of your home or the restaurant of your choice–the details of this special night are up to you. Get all of the info for Wordstock at

Update: Taylor Mali, a world class Slam Poet who is participating in Wordstock 2007, perform a special show tomorrow in the Wieden and Kennedy atrium at 4PM. Mali has performed around the world and is considered one of the best Slam Poets working today. Here is a clip of him in action:

In addition to free beer and snacks, all attendees will be eligible to win 4
tickets that are good for any Wordstock event.

TV Spot:

Check out what else is going on over at WK 12 here: