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W+K and Urban Airship Bring You “Tales of Good Push” Animated Videos

W+K recently teamed up with mobile technology leader and former PIE-company Urban Airship to help illustrate “Tales of Good Push.”

Push notifications are a transformative marketing channel and key engagement platform for developers, brands and agencies. As with any communications channel, there’s potential for both good and bad uses, and push is no exception.

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Help Cure Cancer by Following WKE & Jack’s Long-Distance Paddling Video Project

A cancer diagnosis touches more than just the person receiving it – it radiates out, affecting family, friends and beyond. So when W+K’s Max Erdenberger heard about his friend Jack Marshall Shimko’s battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma and personal project to paddle 150 miles through the open ocean, he reached out to his W+K colleagues. WKE’s Janice Grube was especially moved by Jack’s story, having lost both her parents to cancer.
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3 Grands Prix Awards @ Cannes

Wieden+Kennedy took home three Grand Prix trophies this week at the Cannes advertising festival, one for Old Spice in the film category, the other two for Nike in the cyber and integrated contests.

Nike ‘Chalkbot’ by Wieden+Kennedy Portland was awarded Cyber Lion Grand Prix in Interactive. The campaign was acclaimed as a prime example of two themes that emerged from the best work seen during the judging process: invisible technology and "real-time" interaction. The greatest innovations supported "this notion that technology will reach its peak when you don't even realize it's there," said Jury President Jeff Benjamin (of Crispin Porter Bogusky). "The stuff that was so innovative was the stuff that seemed magical. It had technology, but that's not what was showing." 

The Nike's Livestrong campaign, of which Chalkbot was a part, took home the integrated Grand Prix. The campaign incorporated everything from events, outdoor, online, web films, and "Chalkbot”. "We saw brilliant work in every aspect of the campaign – print, broadband, an event and specifically Chalkbot, that in itself showed true innovation in numerous channels," said Jury President Bob Greenberg. "The execution was flawless in every way shape and form and we voted unanimously." And while "Chalkbot" has been the most celebrated aspect of the campaign so far, some jurors found the campaign's most brilliant component to be its opening gambit — Armstrong's decision to return to the Tour De France in the name of Livestrong.

"We have to look at that as part of the advertising," said juror Rob Reilly, CCO of Crispin, Porter & Bogusky. "That's where integration is going. It's not just another TV spot. His coming back was a calculated move to start this campaign. To me, that's the most important part. Chalkbot is an incredible tool, but the decision to come back in the first place, as a marketing idea, is brilliant."

The Grand Prix for film at this year's Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival was awarded to a TV commercial for Old Spice, "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like", also by Wieden+Kennedy, Portland. 

"It took an old, sleepy brand and woke it up, and overnight wove its way into popular culture," said jury President Mark Tutssel, global chief creative officer of Leo Burnett Worldwide. He noted that the commercial showed "the power of creativity to ignite a sleeping giant."

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Lifes A Moving Target

Last week W+K launched a new brand campaign for Target called "Life's a moving target". It kicked off with two brand spots. The Spots highlight Target's role in our unpredictable lives, reminding people why they love Target. Directed by award-winning cinematographer Ellen Kuras, these spots will run through July 4.


Millions of thanks to the following people for months of long hours for this campaign: Antony Goldstein, Max Erdenberger, Monica Taylor, Rob Thompson, Erin Goodsell, Juliana Montgomery, Meredith Hatten, Jennifer Segerholt, Rachel Parker, Brett Corrick, Seema Miller, Brooke-Lynn Luat, John Rowan, Jon Carlaw, Ben Grylewicz, Teresa Lutz, Cynthia Valenti, Jennifer Hundis, Tommy Harden, Matt Hilber, Patty Brebner, Lindsay Utz, Joani Wardwell, Maggie Entwistle, Katie Abrahamson, Rebecca Groff, Michael Frediani, Tracy Gallagher, Lisa Reinhardt, Brian Mork, Nicole Kaptur, Rachel Miller, Brie Spicer, Liz Upchurch, Peter O'Brien, and our lovely Travel department.