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SXSW Edition: Q&A with the Creators of the Laika/ParaNorman iPad Game 2-Bit Bub

Next week, the team who helped bring 2-Bit-Bub, the ParaNorman iPad game, to life will present a panel at SXSWi on how brands and games companies can work together to make the best product possible.

We sat down with Michelle Childs and Mike Giepert to talk about what it’s like to work with a professional game developer, how they worked to maintain the level of quality that goes into Laika’s work, and why you have to make the best game possible (or don’t bother making anything at all).

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New Series of Videos for Travel Portland Gives you 25 Excellent Reasons to Book a Trip Now

Last year, our friend Alexander Barrett wrote a zine called This Is Portland: The City You’ve Heard You Should Like as a project for W+K12. He self-published it and it sold out at Powell’s in about two hours. He’s also a very funny guy.

All of which made him a perfect spokesperson for our newest campaign for Travel Portland: a series of 25 videos, each with a great reason to visit our fair city. We talked to Andrew Dickson and Chris Thurman about how the project came about, and what’s next. Continue reading

Behind the Scenes of the Oreo Instagram Super Bowl Execution

We sat down with senior interactive strategist Agatha Asch to talk about the genesis of the Oreo “Cookie vs. Creme” Instagram execution for the Super Bowl, how it came about, and what was going on behind the scenes (hint: giant warehouses, and tubs of delicious white goo). Continue reading

Super Bowl 2013

Wash the chip-n-dips, put them away again for another year, and check out our spots from Super Bowl 47:



Coke’s “Chase” ad asked viewers to vote for who they’d like to win in a race to the last soda bottle in the desert: the Badlanders, the Cowboys, or the Showgirls.

Voters had the opportunity to sabotage the other teams, delaying them in the race:

And the winner was…

The Showgirls!



In Oreo’s “Whisper Fight”, library patrons argue about a question that has plagued humanity for aeons: cookie, or creme?

Fans of either can share an Instagram picture and tag it #cookiethis or #cremethis for a chance to have their photograph turned into a magnificent sculpture made of cookies or cream. Follow @Oreo on Instagram to see the works created so far.

Artists are standing by.

How the Old Spice Team Made Five Games in Four and a Half Weeks & Saved the World

Teetering on the edge of the supposed-end-of-the-world, we sat down with Old Spice’s senior interactive producer Mike Davidson, copywriter Andy Laugenour and art Director Max Stinson to talk about the creative process that resulted in Dikembe Mutombo’s 4½ Weeks to Save the World, a game that lets successful players add more time to the Mayan calendar.

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