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W+K Lodge’s Oculus Rift Chrysler Experience Takes People Even Deeper Inside

chryslerlodgeIn order to build the all-new 2015 Chrysler 200, the Chrysler brand went back to the drawing board and rebuilt everything—even the factory that makes it.

Earlier this year W+K launched the Chrysler 200 Factory Tour, a first-of-its-kind interactive experience that allowed consumers to journey inside the 5 million square ft. Sterling Heights Assembly Plant (SHAP) behind the all-new 2015 Chrysler 200. Their reasoning? You can read the reviews online. You can look under the hood and you can take it for a test drive. But if you really want to research a car, you have to look beneath the surface of the car.

But for this season’s auto shows, we wanted to let people go even deeper, and the W+K Lodge discovered a perfect way to do just that. Continue reading

Wieden+Kennedy Spots in 2015 Super Bowl XLIX

Happy Super Bowl 2015, everyone!


TurboTax — Boston Tea Party

For the first time ever, this year TurboTax is offering taxpayers all across America who file a simple return (1040A/1040EZ), the chance to file their federal and state for free. It’s the biggest thing to happen to taxes since the Boston Tea Party. So, for the brand’s second foray into America’s biggest football game, W+K and director Noam Murro dipped into the history books to recreate a cold winter night in Boston Harbor, albeit with a slightly different ending.


Weight Watchers — All You Can Eat

To ignite a dialogue about the complexity of the current food environment, Weight Watchers highlights the food challenges people navigate in everyday life that make staying on track and losing weight harder than ever. It’s part of a larger campaign that launched this Winter to bring to life how Weight Watchers can help with the hard part of losing weight. Here’s the extended, uncut version of the ad.


The Coca-Cola Company — #Make It Happy

The Internet is what we make it, and Coca-Cola hopes to inspire people to show more positivity in their online actions.

Along with the 60-second commercial, Coca-Cola is encouraging people to upload happiness to the places that need it most. On Twitter, users can change hurtful messages into something happier by replying to a negative tweet with the hashtag #MakeItHappy. When they do, positivity unfolds as the original tweet is transformed into ASCII art. On Instagram users can join the “Smile Petition” by posting a photo of themselves smiling while making a hashtag hand sign and including “#MakeItHappy” in the caption.

After the game, with a little bit of Coca-Cola, the Internet may, at least for a little while, become a happier, more positive place.



Squarespace: Om –

To show that even the wildest ideas can come to life in a beautiful way with Squarespace, we worked with Academy Award®-winning actor, musician and philanthropist Jeff Bridges to create the Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes, a unique album of relaxing sounds, guided meditations and stories designed to lull you to sleep.

The album lives on Jeff’s Squarespace,, where people can stream tracks for free, download the entire album and pay what you’d like, or purchase a custom vinyl or actual cassette tape. All proceeds (excluding shipping and service fees) will benefit No Kid Hungry, Share Our Strength’s campaign to end child hunger in America by ensuring all children get the healthy food they need. Jeff has been the campaign’s national spokesperson since 2010, and is deeply committed to the cause.

Watch the pre-game teaser, check out the in-game spot, listen to select tracks here and here, and learn how to build a beautiful Squarespace with Jeff himself.

Concept to Code: Making the Sony Be Moved Site


Today we have a guest post by UX Lead Jason Sack, on the making of Sony’s lauded “Be Moved” interactive site.

Concept to Code
Making the Sony Be Moved Site
By Jason Sack

Guinea Pigs

Last September, we were asked to build a site for the new Sony brand work—a destination where the various parts of the campaign would live. The dreaded word “hub” was even uttered at some point. The bar was set high for the campaign, and the site had to be an experience in its own right. Continue reading

Super Bowl 2014

All of our spots from the 2014 Super Bowl: Maserati, Coca-Cola, and Turbo Tax.

Maserati – “Strike”
With the launch of the Ghibli, Maserati moves into the mainstream luxury car market for the first time in the company’s history. Armed with their skill, effort, cunning and willingness to do the unexpected, they have ventured into the land of huge, lumbering automotive giants. This spot is a poetic reflection about the spirit of Maserati as they step out of the shadows and onto the global stage to strike.

Turbo Tax – “Love Hurts”
Other teams and Seans can ruin big days. But this time there’s a way you can win.

Coca-Cola – “It’s Beautiful”
The only thing more beautiful than this country are the people who live here. Watch and discover why #AmericaIsBeautiful.

Behind the scenes of “It’s Beautiful”:

Coca-Cola – “Going All The Way”
Watch Coca-Cola’s Game Day ad about an American underdog chasing his dream. As a company that believes every kid should have this opportunity, Coca-Cola has donated $50,000 to Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Behind the scenes of “Going All The Way”: