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Lifes A Moving Target

Last week W+K launched a new brand campaign for Target called "Life's a moving target". It kicked off with two brand spots. The Spots highlight Target's role in our unpredictable lives, reminding people why they love Target. Directed by award-winning cinematographer Ellen Kuras, these spots will run through July 4.


Millions of thanks to the following people for months of long hours for this campaign: Antony Goldstein, Max Erdenberger, Monica Taylor, Rob Thompson, Erin Goodsell, Juliana Montgomery, Meredith Hatten, Jennifer Segerholt, Rachel Parker, Brett Corrick, Seema Miller, Brooke-Lynn Luat, John Rowan, Jon Carlaw, Ben Grylewicz, Teresa Lutz, Cynthia Valenti, Jennifer Hundis, Tommy Harden, Matt Hilber, Patty Brebner, Lindsay Utz, Joani Wardwell, Maggie Entwistle, Katie Abrahamson, Rebecca Groff, Michael Frediani, Tracy Gallagher, Lisa Reinhardt, Brian Mork, Nicole Kaptur, Rachel Miller, Brie Spicer, Liz Upchurch, Peter O'Brien, and our lovely Travel department.


Last week, W+K launched a campaign for Target's 2-Day Sale featuring two sisters: one is an overachieving overachiever who can't wait for 5am, and the other is a frazzled every mom who'll get there when she can. Both sisters are played by comedian Maria Bamford and the campaign includes 9 TV spots, 8 radio spots, an interactive experience on and banner ads galore.

When we cast Maria as the sisters, we knew she was funny: she’s a regular on the stand-up circuit and on Comedy Central. But we were surprised at how much she added to the campaign, ad-libbing hilarious bits on camera, collaborating on jokes off-camera, and almost never breaking character.

Watch the ads here. More importantly, go to Target on Friday at 5AM. No, seriously. Get to that fucking sale. GO!


Creative Directors: Monica Taylor, Rob Thompson

Copywriter: Jason Kreher, Karl Lieberman 

Art Director: Eric Baldwin, Rob Kendall

Account Management: Bryan Tilson, Elisa Silva

Agency Producers: Hayley Goggin, Melanie Fedunok

Interactive Producers: Kris Hanson, Victoria Krueger

Production Company: Epoch Films

Director: Matt Aselton

Editorial: Joint

Special Thanks to all that work to make it possible: Amber Lavender, Victoria Krueger, Rachel Parker, Brett Corrick, Tom Blessington, Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman, John Jay, Brian Mork, Jon Carlaw, John Rowan, Suzy Mattay, Alison Bonner, Brooke-Lynn Luat, Aaron Allen, Amy Carleton, Jennifer Hundis, Ben Grylewicz, Lisa Reinhardt, Tracy Gallagher, Sam Tudyk, Sarah Hollowood, Amy Corcoran, Jen Cogliantry, Katie McGinley, Erin Sorenson, Christina Piluso, Sean O'Brien, Kris Hanson, Jason Strand, Kiem Vu, Laurie Brown, Trent Johnson, Josh Perez, Adam Sirkin, David Potter, David Ewald, Mirtho Prepont, Rodney Curl, Michelle Childs, Kelly Merrill, Sef McCullough, Frazer Goodbody, Amy Wanninger, Connery Wilson, WK5, 12.5, Wei Wei, Ian Fairbrother, Mike Warzin, Robin Rosenberg, Pete O'Brien, Joani Wardwell, Christin Spagnoli, Amber Case, Jane Monaghan, Shari Eiesland, Maggie Entwistle, Brie Spicer, Liz Upchurch, Rachel Miller, Angela Wootan, Colleen Baker, Betsy Fleming, Ed Foreman, Krystin Baker, Patty Brebner, Tommy Harden, Katie Turinski, Justin Lowe, David Jahns, Mary Zuleger, Terra Cloyes, Charlie Keating, and Jessica Bacless

New Target Jam

Target and Pearl Jam paired together for their exclusive partnership featuring the band’s new single “The Fixer.”

We threw a surprise concert at the historic Showbox theater in Seattle to film the spot directed by the one and only Cameron Crowe. And speaking of Cameron Crowe, while finishing the spot in LA, he hand-selected a former W+K Studio employee who happened to be there with her producer husband to be the voice-over at the end of the spot. Recognize this avid Target lovers voice?


Creative Directors: Monica Taylor & Rob Thompson

Creative: Chris Larson & Andrew Dickson

Account Management: Jordan Delapoer, Megan Nugent

Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz

Agency Producer: Endy Hedman

Production Company: Moxie Films

Editor: Kirk Baxter of Rock Paper Scissors

Prince Isle 4

Excerpt from MotionTheory:
“Target and Prince paired together for the exclusive release of Prince’s new album “Lotus Flow3r,” commissioning Motion Theory’s Mathew Cullen to direct a 30-second music-video style spot based on the first single, “Dreamer.” The spot, conceived by W+K Portland, explores cosmic imagery swirling around a magnetic performance by Prince.”

Ben Grylewicz
Andy Murillo
Monica Taylor, Chad Rea
Chris Larson
Andrew Dickson, Chad Rea
Megan Nugent
Jordan Delapoer
Laura Caldwell
Connery Wilson