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W+K PDX & The Bike Gallery Get Ready for the September Bike Commute Challenge

The Bike Gallery is a local, family-owned bike store in Portland which has been a beacon of quality and customer service since its founding in 1974. Earlier today, they brought their friendly, approachable selves to the W+K PDX office to tune up some of our bikes and get people ready for the yearly BTA September Bike Commute Challenge.
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Happy Birthday, Mother Earth

By Matt Brown

This week the UN has been deciding whether Mother Earth deserves the same rights as your actual mother. Here at W+K we’ve been Doing Good Stuff for Mother Earth for a while now. We recycle, upcycle and bicycle. Our empty Coke cans go towards funding a local school, our building has had a series of revamps to make it more efficient than ever and we’ve been helping our clients with some really awesome sustainability communications (most recently, Nike Better World). We recognize that there’s still a lot we can do which is why we’ve got a brand new team dedicated to making W+K harder better faster stronger in sustainability. So whatever the outcome of the UN’s latest (huplanitarian?) mission, we’re celebrating Earth Day today: find below a tasty collection of tree hugging adventures, curated by your green friends in PDX.

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