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Studio's own Dominic and Aubrey decided the first sunny day to throw a hot dog party. Yeah, we're in a down economy – so everyone threw in a few bucks to help pay for the margaritas and dogs. (No really, it was sunny a mere hour before the party started.) 

DSC_6252 DSC_6262 DSC_6267 DSC_6268 DSC_6274 DSC_6282 DSC_6302 

Hijinks ensued with the Grandma Solar Shields… (Notice the very handy side windows and how these monsters fit right over your eyeglasses.)


The Countdown

Our own Count Denekas is going to play music.
Put the kids to bed and sloth over to Slabtown for the Countdown.
Poster: Steve Denekas

Studio Service Announcement

Came across this in the kitchen this morning. Now just because we work on brands as advertisers, does not exclude us from being discriminating consumers as well. We have pixelated the name of this product out of respect for anyone trying to make a go of it in this economy. Ironically enough though, the name of this product does rhyme with the word bukkake. Fitting, apparently.


With only 8 places in the Greater Portland Metro area to buy clothes, poaching someone else’s style is bound to happen. Just as it did here.


Mister Frediani is on his way to Tokyo where he is going to temporarily be their Studio Manager. Now, not everyone likes sushi, and Michael really does not like sushi.

As seen in the photo above, this can sometimes cause duress. Also, as is evident from the photo above, it appears that the Tokyo studio people know how to appropriately deal with this kind of situation. Have a good trip Michael, we will see you in a couple of months.