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Oh Goodie! W+K Studio is Back!


You betcha baby, back and better than ever. Check out their latest blog reincarnation, Goodness and the launch of their latest project keeping their design belly's full, TEASE.

TEASE was the brainchild of studio manager/designer Dani Guralnick who thought a little healthy t-shirt design competition amongst the W+K Studio folks would be a fun way to keep the creative juices flowing when there were no ads to be made. Check out our Studio deemed winners. We hope you have as much fun buying and wearing them, as we did making them. 

Mousharaka: Icograda Design Week in Qatar

Studio’s Rehanah Spence traveled to the Middle East this past March to attend Mousharaka: Icograda Design Week in Qatar, hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar.

The conference brought together practitioners, scholars, and students across design disciplines, cultures and regions to build bridges, raise awareness of the importance and promise of collaboration. The intention was to create bonds necessary to achieve the full potential of design in the Gulf region.

The theme for Mousharaka: Icograda Design Week in Qatar was Collaboration. Collaboration is a combined effort resulting in the deepening of inter-relationships and shared knowledge. Design is now considered a team endeavor where collaboration is crucial to achieve innovative results that are inclusive of cultures and mediums. Designers are crossing boundaries and have become part of creative interdisciplinary teams that address broader issues of communication, space, systems thinking, cultural identity, style, and business. Designers have become instrumental in teams that affect change on a global level.

The Education Symposium provided opportunities for educators to share research, pedagogy, and new thinking on the theme of collaboration.

The Professional Conference included 4 keynote speakers and 8 prominent presenters who shared their perspectives on design and design collaborations.

Design Debate Doha—The conference culminated in a rousing debate moderated by Al Jazeera’s Kamal Santamaria.

This house believes that…
Globalization harmfully subverts culturally unique sensibilities.
3 presenters for and 3 against.
Visit the websites for more info:
Some interesting speakers and links to check out:

Ibrahim Jaidah, Qatar
Prominent Qatari architect, Managing Director Arab Engineering Bureau.

Mira Nair, New York/Uganda by way of India
Accomplished film director, writer and producer.

Chris Abani, Nigeria
Profound poet, professor and performing artist.

Dr. Sami Angawi, Saudi Arabia
Architect, professor and Founder/Managing Director of the AMAR Center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Founder of the Hajj Research Center.

Petra Blaisse, The Netherlands
Founder of Inside Outside.

Donna Campbell, New Zealand
Maori Artist and educator in Maori material culture, indigenous textile creation, and Maori art history.

Delaware, Japan
Delaware is a japanese super sonic group, designs music and musics design.

David Gibson, United States
Co-founder/managing principal of Two Twelve Associates, Inc. in New York City.

She also checked out the new Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar. Conceived as a center for Islamic art, culture and history by The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. The museum officially opened December 1st 2008. Architecture by I.M. Pei.Qatar-11Qatar-12Qatar-13

2 New Babies!

Well one is actually a puppy. Scott's little redhead Opal and Tram's little furball Ruby on the right. Awwwwwww.

Cyberdad Scott gets points for Iphoning and holding Opal with one hand…


On strings and things

If you go to you will see a picture of Mike Henderson. Mike is a Graphic Designer in Studio on Nike and other things. You might remember his work on Caldera Underground and The Grapple in the Apple.
An exerpt from his interview on Commarts:
Do you have any advice for people just entering the profession? Have integrity, and humility. A huge ego just gets in the way of a good solution, and makes you blind to learning something new.”

Take a look at the whole article here.