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Portland Artists Turn Out for First Thursday We Make Show at Cleaners at Ace Hotel

photo by lenaskitchen

Last First Thursday, Portland’s artists turned out for this year’s exhibition of “We Make”, a curated show presented by some of the artists from W+K’s Studio department. The show is about showcasing the talents of the artists outside of the design work they do every day, and allowing them to create for the fun–and love–of making.

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Remember this? Well Dom and Aubrey did it again, wrangling studio up to throw the second annual Studio Hot Dog Party. Not that we need a lot of coaxing to eat processed meat and drink cheap margaritas. The weather was cooperating and a lucky collision with Formal Fridays brought an unprecedented amount of button up shirts and ties to the scene.


Steve's daughter, Tuesday, got a hold of a camera providing us with some good Kidcam shots.

Tuesdayphotos P1040691P1040676P1040678P1040706

Then we got bored so we decided to race the toddlers. Tuesday has a vicious break away sprint but Morgan has the heart of a winner.


And as things started to cool down, Neevel made an appearance with his hot dog gun.

Neevelgun2 Neevelgun1
It went something like this:

Dogs, tequila, kids, and guns. Thumbs up!


Studio’s got some new goods.

Feb Mp_simonart
Mp_graphics Hey, did you know we have a whole gaggle of fine, new dry goods available on the studio site? Heck, did you even know the studio has its own blog and store? Give Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, TMZ, ESPN and the other off-shore based sites with questionable content you frequent a rest and check out the stuff made by your talented friends on four.