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W+K Goodness Designs Posters For Nepal

WKGoodness_Nepal_Homepage_NickThe devastation created by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal almost two weeks ago has far from subsided. PDX Studio’s W+K Goodness wanted to use their design skills to raise awareness and funds to contribute to the continuing relief effort. For a minimum of $20, you can support Nepal, and receive the posters below as a token of our appreciation. Continue reading

Get Your Hands On Some W+K Goodness

For this year’s Design Week Portland, our amazing Studio created a pop-up shop all about the creative process: W+K Goodness Workroom.

“Process is the adventure, the journey into uncharted territory. Best-laid plans aside, for most designers the end result of any project rarely bares much resemblance to the original concept. Of course everyone focuses on the final result, but for designers process is the journey that is equal parts comedy and tragedy, rife with success and, of course, plenty of failure.

And let’s cut to the chase, those bad days, when no idea seems to work, they fucking suck. Oh but those good days, when the clouds finally part, the stars align and the idea is fully realized beyond expectation, well they make it all worthwhile. Don’t they?”


If you didn’t make it out to their open house, fret not! You can still get your hands on some of the rad creations by the most talented people in the biz: check out the Goodness store featuring Workroom prints and other amazing goodies.

You can also jam to the Workroom Spotify playlist as you shop for Christmas gifts for your favorite creative person.


Visit the Goodness store here and check out W+K Studio on Instagram: @wkstudiopdx

W+K Studio’s India-Inspired Posters for charity:water


W+K’s fabulous Studio was asked to design some posters for a September charity: water campaign to bring clean water to 100 villages in Orissa, India. They designed and donated five posters; there are 14 limited edition posters in total.


Check out the posters designed by our own Studio with some detailed shots on their blog here.


Introducing Bettery, the Better Rechargeable Battery

Recently, our studio and W+K Tomorrow partnered with local startup Bettery, who offer rechargeable batteries and swap stations, to completely reinvent their branding from the ground up–everything from their logo to the user interface on their physical machines. We talked to associate studio manager Wendy Martenson about the year-and-a-half-long process. Continue reading

W+K Holiday Decor Instagram Roundup

The W+K Studio loves to deck the halls for December, bringing a touch of the holiday spirit to everyone who passes through. Here’s a selection of some of the photos our employees, families and friends have snapped via Instagram.

To learn more about how the holiday decor was created, check out this W+K Studio blog post.

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