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Kobe Mentu

Nike wanted to connect with Chinese ballers by developing a piece of content that could inspire them to train and establish Nike and Kobe as the authority in basketball training. The idea is based around the fact that Kobe is the hardest working player in the NBA. He credits his success to training and repetition. Mentu is Chinese for disciple. 24 basketball players were selected from all over China, brought together under one roof. They spent 2 weeks in an intensive training camp with Kobe in LA. The 12 best of the best were selected as Kobe’s disciple and put into two teams for a final game in Beijing. The whole documentary is produced as a 6-part TV series supported with a comprehensive Print/OOH/online training program/digital/mobile game supporting.

We rolled out media in phases. The first phase established Kobe as the master in training. The second phase got kids to start training online via digital training program. The third phase provided training inspiration and knowledge via 6 episode TV show and accompanying online extras. Online extras included additional story footage, player interviews, coach interviews, Kobe interviews and full training program, mobile video game. We also designed a Mentu basketball court on
From April to June we have the following audience reach.
37 million TVC and TV show impressions ( The TV series was shown twice on CCTV – China’s national broadcaster, plus further airings on city and provincial networks around China)
31.8 million OOH impressions
95.7 million Print impressions
16.3 million training videos viewed online
3.4 million visits to the website
300,000 actual episodes viewed online within first 5 days

The site we developed is still live and can viewed at:

Special thanks to Bill, wouldn’t have happened without him and was a great way to push collaboration with W+K Entertainment beyond the US.





WK Shanghai Fashion

The shanghai office had an internal fashion design competition and show on our new party rooftop. Over 130 strong now, this office continues with its staff generated creative events. The Self-Portrait Show continues each week, their W+K Green invention of new sustainable product competition was recently completed. So now the staff volunteers turn their attention to style.Image001








W+K Shanghai Year 2

The Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai office is loaded with hardworking and talented people. To celebrate their second year of success, they have put together a series of books that not only showcase the work and the culture of that office, but also acts as a functional piece of art.
Local artist Perk made three figurines based off of the statue in the back yard of the office, Perkpioneer.



Bejing’s young masters’ for Nike.


“My game is made outside” for Nike and developing cred for street hoops in China.

Massive 3 foot plate designed for a night club in Bejing. As well as key frames of a documentary film of World Record high jumper Zhu Jiahua.

Spread from an upcoming book showcasing the lunchtime delivery men and women of Shanghai.
W+K Documentary that investigates the beatbox revolution happening in a remote North Korean town. The other page is a poster from a Mid-Auumn festival for Starbucks.


The book actually reads in two directions. Upon reverse, there are photos of the countless activities WK employees have done over the past year.

Thanks to Shanghai correspondent John Jay for letting us take a look at these great books.