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Winter Is The New Summer

This last week the temperatures were in the teens (which is cold for portland for December). To combat Portlanders' seasonal hibernation tendencies, a clandestine crew of local show-goers, label mavens, promotors and all-around music enthusiasts have launched refreshingly direct — the site's simply one image (updated weekly) of a portland musician holding a hand written sign with a selection of the current week's shows and parties. The images are replete with hidden links to band info and exclusive mixtape downloads. They're even arranging coat checks at selected events to help get the dance out this winter.


We have royalty among us

No it's not Lebron James or Kobe.

It's even better than that–we have a woman who is a true American hero in our building today– Myrlie Evers. She's chatting with Dan Wieden….how cool is that?

Damn this place is amazing!

And for you young kids who have spent too much time tweeting that you missed your history lesson….here's a little schoolin'.


Wedding and Kennedy Strikes Again

Cupid strikes Wedding+Kennedy. What is this number 37*? Studio designer Christin Spagnoli and Joint editor Matthew Hilber met at W+K Founders Day 25. He asked her her thoughts on cockfights, she thought his name was Corky. Two years later, it’s wedding bliss. Congrats to Christin and Matt!

*Please note: Christin thinks there have been around 37 couples that found their soul mates within the halls of WK globally. Plus or minus 30.

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