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W+K Week in Instagram, September 2-8, 2012

Every week, our employees, friends, visitors and passersby tag their snaps from around the agency on Instagram; here are a few of our favorites from the past week.

Visiting the Portland agency? Be sure to tag your pics with the “Wieden+Kennedy” location. And follow us on Instagram (username: wiedenkennedy).


  1. ortonandothers
  2. chance_esquire_pants
  3. juliedery
  4. benguernsey
  5. andrewgallo
  6. mattsaintg
  7. vividadson
  8. chemin_reed
  9. bnjmndotme
  10. alcyondesign
  11. mamberson
  12. gabaiter

A Roundup of Our Favorite W+K Global Blog Posts, August 26-September 1

Office moves and tours, funny emails and thoughtful interviews about art – it’s another week in the life of the W+K global offices. Check out the best posts from Portland, London, NYC, Delhi, Tokyo, W+K12, the Kennedys and Sao Paolo, below.
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Our Favorite W+K Global Posts, January 23-27

Get ready people, because the global roundups are back, and between art shows, behind the scenes snapshots, letterpressing, basketball games and breakdancing, our offices have been busy. Check out posts from Portland, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, W+K Studio and W+K 12 below.
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