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A Q&A with W+K’s Chris Larson on Intimacy, Cheerleaders and his October Gallery Show, Yourself Through Others

W+K studio designer and artist Chris Larson makes videos that question intimacy. Whether it’s a video of a cheerleader going through a routine in slow motion, or a woman dancing in a discotheque with her partner strangely erased from the footage, the work shakes up our notions of closeness. In this interview, Larson talks about cheerleaders, Facebook, and his October gallery show at W+K Portland, Yourself Through Others.

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W+K On the Side: On the Wing Film Documents Beloved Portland Institution, the Chapman Swifts

photo by itsmelizzle

Last week in the Atrium, digital strategist Dan Viens showed his documentary “On the Wing”, a film about the flock of thousands of Vaux’s Swifts that roosts in the chimney of nearby Chapman Elementary School during their annual southern migration.

Watching the birds float, flit and soar in amazing patterns in September every year is a beloved PDX tradition, and Viens wanted to capture its history, the conservation efforts surrounding it, and the “totally Portland” atmosphere of the bird-watching events.

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XOXO Festival: What It’s All About & Why We Loved It

photo by brookeparrott

by Dan Hon and Renny Gleeson

A week ago, the brand-new XOXO Festival hit Portland, and for the next three days it was like the best bits of the internet–all the earnestness, the niceness, the anyone-can-make-it-if-you-just-try-hard-ness–camped out at the lo-fi YU Contemporary and generally hung out, fertilised, cross-pollinated and exploded into roughly four hundred shards of optimistic potential.

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W+K Portland Gears Up for the Annual BTA Bike Commute Challenge

This month, W+K Portland is gearing up for the annual BTA Bike Commute Challenge. The BCC is “a friendly competition – workplace against workplace – to see who can bike to work more during the month of September” (via).

Employees are encouraged to log their miles on a daily or weekly basis, and at the end of the month the BTA tallies the trips and ranks all workplaces in size categories by the percentage of cycling commutes. W+K has participated in the BCC since 2005.

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W+K Tomorrow & PIE Host Hack Day for Portland Public Schools

This Saturday, W+K Tomorrow and the Portland Incubator Experiment hosted a hack day for Portland Public Schools. Emerging from the GOOD Ideas for Cities event in February, the hack aimed to make some of the ideas more tangible. It was also the first move in an attempt to get the 85% of Portlanders who don’t have school age kids more involved with public schools.

Mayor Sam Adams kicked off the day at 10am. We had a great turnout – a good mix of representatives from the City and the school system, people from some of the key organizations supporting schools, and a healthy dose of developers.
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