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Margaret Kendall has been promoted to Assistant Account Executive on Nike. Kudos!

In an attempt to cure flu-like symptoms, Sean Donnell (art director on EA) ate a clove of raw garlic and nearly passed out.

Tater (dog of Lee Jennings, art director on EA/Coke) misses Lee (Tater’s owner), but is hanging in there.

IT still won’t embrace the iPhone.

Thomas Harvey is now the Global Account Director for Coke. Kudos!

The awesome Tanja Alger is leaving us after 14 years. This is not awesome for us, but we hope it is awesome for her.

Spence Kramer welcomed a baby boy (Freddy), while Chris Jacobs welcomed a baby girl (Chloe). Kudos to both!

Azsa West, 12.3 graduate, has returned from adventures abroad to work as an art director on EA and lots of other things. Welcome back!

Barbara Blaize is the new W+K receptionist. Welcome!

Mike McCommon is now Creative Director on Heineken. Cheers!

Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon have reportedly been sighted in Portland.

Mira Kaddoura and Nathan Goldberg returned to the states after a triumphant run working on the Nokia business in London.

Ryan Haskins was promoted to Media Supervisor on Nike. Kudos!

Joe Staples and Monica Taylor are the new Creative Directors on Starbucks. Frothy!

Andrew Walenga left EA to become an account guy on EA at W+K. Welcome!

Brett Corrick is the new Account Director on Target. Welcome back, Brett!

Recruiting! W+K’s “Seeking” initiative brought in 8000 inquiries and 1600 submissions. The creative directors did their thing and narrowed the candidates down to 36 hopefuls who were flown into Portland (OK, some of them already lived here) for the weekend. What comes next? Stay tuned, blog enthusiast.

And last, but certainly not least, If you go to Zoomcare and are prescribed medication on-site you must pay cash for the prescription. Zoomcare does not bill insurance for prescriptions. Zoomcare assures me 90% of the medications they have on-site cost $10 or less. If you do not want to pay more than your normal insurance prescription co-pay Zoomcare will call in your prescription to your local pharmacy.

WK Seeking


This is it.
The major casting call for all of the best of the best. If you don’t know if you are the best, apply. If you can tell a good joke, apply. If you can use proper toilet etiquette (see below), apply. If your mom thinks you are handsome, apply. If you are a designer, a writer, a creator, a thinker, apply. Take a risk and the payoff could be huge.

This just might change your life.

Props to Dominic Orlando and Mathew Carey for the video and Laurie Brown, Jordi Martinez and Brad Trost for the site.

Lebron V

This spot was created by Driscoll & Hutch at WK Tokyo.



TITLE: LeBron Holiday Print
CLIENT: Nike Basketball
OFFICE: USA–Portland

CD: Tyler Whisnand/Mike McCommon
AD: Taylor Twist
CW: Caleb Jensen
SA: Aaron Lee
SM: Jeremy Jiracek
PM: Jason Schwartz
AE: Michael Dalton
AB: Krystle Mortimore
ReT: Peter Lindman