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Heavy Metal Artist David Kennedy

Our very own David Kennedy is a man of many talents and tales.
Hang around him for just a bit and you will be treated to many
 surprises. Sure he has proven his abilities in the art of advertising, (he is in fact in the Advertising Hall Of Fame) but he is also skilled in the finer arts- as a sculptor. David is a modest man and it took some coaxing but we were fortunate to convince him to share with us his passion for working with metal. The opening night was a splendid affair and many people got their first small glimpse at just what Kennedy is up to in his many daily doings. The show will be up for the month of November, viewing times are M-F from 9a-5p.


Rocktober Fest

Last week Thursday the W+K Accounting department threw its annual Rocktoberfest party. Due to scheduling conflicts Rocktoberfest turned into Rockvemberfest, and in true recession budget-cut style the theme was a throw back to the age of Prohibition and moonshine.


Poster Design: Paul Levy

The usually quiet and sterile Accounting department was transformed into a glowing red lit Speakeasy with its own pool table and leather padded bar (tended by two lovely flapper girls of course). The drink menu included 1920's era drinks such as Spiced Cider, Rum Scoundrel, Whiskey Sour, Pink Lady, and Orange Blossom. Although not necessarily true to theme, no Rocktoberfest party would be complete without Everclear Jello Shots as well! A buffet of smoked sausage, cheese dip, and bread helped soak up some of the booze and make the morning after slightly more tolerable.


The drinks flowed, jazz music blasted, coworkers mingled, and another
Rocktoberfest was put to rest. We're already looking forward to next

Halloween 2009


Perhaps Arla said it best in the following email:
I love planning this party more every year! The people that help out
with it are AMAZING! I’m so touched by what length’s people go to make
this party great.

I mean, DID YOU SEE the Wizard of Oz set up? Or that giant pirate
ship?!? Every group that decorated an area, decorated it to the max!
And, so many people saved my ass by helping with last minute balloon
blowing-upping, color paper hanging, cobwebbing placing, Clifford
costume wearing, lunch offering, drink making, and general eager

I really appreciate all the help and support that you all provided!

And I love how much the kids enjoy it!! When they’re having a complete
melt down because they just. don’t. want. TO. LEAVE!!, it touches a
little spot in my heart.

You guys are all the best and when I see you, I’m going to hug you. Hard. Real Hard.

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A big group hug to Arla Wood and Aubrey Dean, Dawn Weeman, Jennifer Hundis, Jessie Simmons, Abby Marten, John Griswold, Brie Spicer, Gina Keough, Peter O'Brien, Alice Baldwin, Jessica Sinn, Brad Simon, Ava Hegedus, Shei'meka Newman, Michelle Evers, Beth Fujiura, Rodney Curl, Connery Wilson, Sky McBean, Mison Henley, Joani Wardwell, Aaron Lee and Guillaume Mathieu for making it so special.

Someone’s been eating Cheetos

Check out yellow fingers here. This mitten has been doing the old swine and dine on Cheetos for at least a week. Oh and look at that. There is a spike in the paw. Spike2
Ain’t no tendon like John Rowe’s tendon cause John Rowe’s tendon is raw. Woof.