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One Step Big Shot

Jack Nicklaus

Drew Barrymore 

Saturday, May 15th will see the opening of One Step Big Shot: Portraits by Andy Warhol and Gus Van Sant. Whether for casting or screen printing, the exhibit explores the use of Polaroid photography between these two artists.

Register today for your spot on the reserved bus coach. The registration fee is $10 and covers your round trip from Portland to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

Register here.

Saturday May 15th
3:00 – 4:00 pm – View "Cut-ups” at PDX.
Light refreshments will be served.

PDX Contemporary Art
925 Northwest Flanders Street
Portland, OR 97209

Pickups will be at the following locations:
Bus Departure – 4:00 pm in Portland on NW 9th at Flanders
Bus Departure – 4:30 pm at Bridgeport Village 

This event is approved by John Jay.



Remember this? Well Dom and Aubrey did it again, wrangling studio up to throw the second annual Studio Hot Dog Party. Not that we need a lot of coaxing to eat processed meat and drink cheap margaritas. The weather was cooperating and a lucky collision with Formal Fridays brought an unprecedented amount of button up shirts and ties to the scene.


Steve's daughter, Tuesday, got a hold of a camera providing us with some good Kidcam shots.

Tuesdayphotos P1040691P1040676P1040678P1040706

Then we got bored so we decided to race the toddlers. Tuesday has a vicious break away sprint but Morgan has the heart of a winner.


And as things started to cool down, Neevel made an appearance with his hot dog gun.

Neevelgun2 Neevelgun1
It went something like this:

Dogs, tequila, kids, and guns. Thumbs up!


FD28 Report Part 2

Thanks to the Universal Record Database guys, the record setting continued into the night. Pedicabs were the means of transportation to get to our venue. We set the record for the most people to take pedicabs to a party. Also the longest time for a team of people to keep up a plastic torch was established just before sunrise.

 Aziz Ansari, from the NBC show Parks and Recreation, delivered a hilarious stand-up routine. Following Aziz, was Har Mar Superstar. Har Mar, lived up to his name, gold underwear and all. The evening ended with karoke on the upper floor. The party was huge success thanks to the creative, committee and the generous funds provided by the partners. Thanks W+K! Here is to another 28 years of being The World's Largest Independent Global Ad Agency.





FD28 Report Part 1


Founder's Day kicked off with a visit from these two guys, Dan and Corey. They are from the Universal Record Database. We all got color coded FD28 headbands to identify our team color and broke into groups to brainstorm world records we could create. They have a great post on their blog.

Our first official record on their website is the “longest office chair train pulled by a motorcycle.” Though it came in second place in the agency competition to Team Light Grey. Team Light Grey won with their attempt to make a person say the word mattress 12 times. It was an amazing performance by our head of retouching Frazer. He won over voters by a landslide. Congrats Light Grey Team!


It’s Pie Time and It’s Pumpkin

With just over 60 pies entered in the 2009 Annual W+K Pie contest, the competition was stiff and the judging even stiffer. The apple pie categories saw less than normal numbers as debate over whether apple really IS Dan's favorite or not continued. Yet last year's winner- the Cheesecake only saw two entries and were deemed not worthy of even making it to the final table.

But when it came to the ultimate judge of all things pie- Dan called it unanimous- the pumpkin pie was the winner.

Mary Alberque running down in her gold shoes to receive her prize- a trip to San Francisco. 

DSC_8053  DSC_8022 
The largest entry came all the way from the New York Office an Apple Paella!
One tough judge. 

DSC_8063 DSC_8056 
This table agreed with Dan on the winner.

Champions of the categories were as follows: 

Grand Prize Pumpkin/Nut: Mary Alberque
Berry/Fruit: Mira Kaddoura   

Chocolate: Erik Weeman  

Cream/Meringue: Dawn Weeman  

Straight-Up Apple: Melanie Fedunok 
Specialty Apple: Casey Hall 
Cheesecake: Two pies and none was chosen for first- harsh!

Thank you pie makers.

Thank you judges.

Thank you Mary, Danny Sheniak and Ademar for their help.

Happy Holidays!