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D&AD Travel Oregon

The D&AD Awards were presented in a ceremony on June 10 in London. The Black and Yellow Pencils, highly regarded in the advertising and design industries, are presented for work in thirty disciplines of design, advertising and creative communication. The solid beech awards are filled, sealed, masked, sanded, primed, painted, sprayed, printed, glossed and packed for a limited number of creatives from around the world.

54 Yellow Pencils were also awarded, out of 20,000 pieces judged, in recognition of work that sets new benchmarks in creative excellence. One (1) went to Travel Oregon The Book of Oregon, Wieden+Kennedy, USA, for Graphic Design in Catalogues & Brochures.

This lovely little piece of art was made as a gift to celebrate our 20 year anniversary of working together. It was particularly intended as a gift from Travel Oregon to Dan Wieden. It contained the copy from our enduring print campaign about Oregon Dreamers and awesome folded maps and whimsical, hand drawn (by Scrappers!) trip paths for each region, covering all seven regions of the state we love and call home.

This is great recognition for W+K.
Congratulations to those who worked on it.
Mira Kaddoura
Ginger Robinson
Kelly Wright
Tracy Gallagher
Amy Corcoran
Lonnie Winter
Ken Smith
Aubrey Dean
And to Dan for letting us do things without permission

Oregon Tourism. 150 years of it.

Prove your love for Oregon and take the challenge on
Have a read on the behind the scenes of the making of the TV spot, Love Letter as told by Dani Guralnick.
Hi. I’m Dani. I work at Wieden+Kennedy, and quite a while ago, I designed the Oregon 150 logo. W+K has been helping the Oregon 150 organization with their sesquicentennial needs for a while now and when Travel Oregon partnered with OR150 and asked us to do a TV commercial for it, we were super pleased. To be honest, I thought it was an awesome opportunity to a.) tour around this gorgeous state of ours(!) and b.) not sit at my desk for a little while – also while touring around this gorgeous state of ours! I was joined on this filming journey by Melanie Fedunok, our producer, who seemingly effortlessly staged this whole thing, which, was no easy task. Here’s why:

Due to timing, we filmed it in March, which, as most Oregonians know, is not the least rainy month we have. Somehow, Melanie made sure we had NO RAIN on all 5 days of filming. Now, I’m not going to say it wasn’t c-c-c-cold filming with 3 out of 4 windows rolled down. I am also not going to say that maybe, just maybe Melanie did a non-rain dance every morning before the rest of us got up. If she didn’t, I don’t know how that happened.

We had to rig up a fake rear view mirror to film into. We couldn’t film into the actual rear view of the car we were driving because we couldn’t get the right angle of the yellow lines if we did that – at least not if we wanted to stay on the road. So we had to find someone who could rig up a mirror and camera on the outside of a car. Enter Reed Harkness, a very talented local filmmaker. He was amazing, solving not only the rear view rig, but he also drove the car while running the camera!

Getting those yellow lines. That was the toughest part I think. There were plenty of gorgeous places that just either didn’t have yellow lines in the road when we wanted to shoot, or well, no shoulder; we had to hug the very edge of the road to get the lines to well, line up. And Reed was a trooper through it all. I do wonder if he’s gotten used to driving like normal again yet; by the end of our trip, Reed would find himself drifting to the outside of our lane and going 30 miles an hour, no matter where we were. Which was fine in most places except maybe when it was time to go home via highway.

Many thanks to all of these people: Ginger Robinson, Dani Guralnick, Tram Pham, Ken Smith, Bill Morgan, Lisa Christy, Brian Reavey, Lisa Michel, Bryce Schroer-Shepord, Jacquie Tierney, Seth Burstein, Jonnie James, Sean O’Brien, Kris Hanson, Mary Alberque, Jason Strand, Kiem Vu, Trent Johnson, Guillaume Mathieu, Kyle Valenta, Melanie Fedunok, Sarah Barrett, Stephen Duncan, Stephanie Chokoiski, Jane Monaghan, Julia Dickey & Scrappers Morrison

Travel Oregon picked #1


Travel Oregon’s website was recently voted number one on the Top 10 US State Tourism Sites by IGOUGO. According to its tourism board, “Oregon is a place where people often find themselves roaming endlessly with no other goal than the next great meal, powdery slope, lighthouse view or salmon run.” Sign us up! We’ll figure out which activity to partake in first with the help of the excellent Travel Oregon Blog—after picking our vacation week using the interactive 365 Extraordinary Days in Oregon calendar.

Congrats to Ginger and Patty and Mathew Foster, Chean-Wei Law, Christian Laniosz, Dominic Orlando, Jordi Martinez, Laurie Brown, Shaun Sundholm, Scott Kleiner, Paul Bjork and Ken Smith.