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More MVP’s

More Most Valuable Puppets rolling out as the playoffs roll along. Superman crashed the show this year. Maybe 2010.

Nike: MVPuppets

Creative Directors: Alberto Ponte, Jeff Williams
Copywriter: Edward Harrison
Art Director: Matt Murphy
Senior Agency Broadcast Producer: Matt Hunnicutt
Broadcast Producer: Jessica Staples
Agency Head of Broadcast Production: Ben Grylewicz
Account Team: Jarrett Dube, Alyssa Ramsey
Media Team: Daniel Sheniak, Tenny Park, Christina Ruiz, Emily Leonard, Tom Winner, Seth Zarkin and Crystal Moore
Planner: Desmond Marzette
Project Manager: Abby Marten
Art Buyer: Krystle Mortimore
Studio Manager: Sarah Starr
Studio Artists: Rob Mumford, Rehanah Spence
Retouching: Frazer Goodbody & Sef McCullough
Print Producer: Denise Hanggi
Executive Interactive Producer: Marcelino Alvarez
Interactive Producer: Mary Alberque
Interactive Design Director: Sean O’Brien
Interactive Designer: Kiem Vu
Interactive Developer: Laurie Brown, Trent Johnson
Business Affairs: Amber Lavender, Laura Caldwell

MVP #23

As seen last night in Cleveland, Ohio.
From our partner, Lightwave International:

“To achieve the new effect, we used multiple lasers instead of the initially planned single system designed for the crown concept.   On our truck last night were the four largest entertainment lasers in the world.”.

“We projected two versions of the artwork:  the gold/orange color and a brighter white version as well.   We wanted to insure the networks had the opportunity to capture and broadcast what was best suited for their cameras.   The use of multiple lasers guaranteed no flicker in the images — they appeared as installed neon, and photographed easily on cellphone cameras, etc, with no extra tricks or special photography knowledge.”

The Kid Returns

Last Tuesday Ken Griffey Jr. made his return to Seattle in the Mariners home opener. To welcome him, we helped Nike bring back feelings of nostalgia to baseball fans throughout the city. Hit it here, Junior!

Rebranded Niketown Seattle, coining it “Junior Town”:
Street teams handing out placards and postcards:
Retro set of posters:
Mobile billboards:
Play Ball!
CD: Tyler Whisnand, Danielle Flagg
CW: Caleb Jensen
AD: Taylor Twist
AE: Ryan Johnson
M: Ryan Haskins
PP: Denise Hanggi
SM: Sarah Starr
SA: Rehanah Spence, Rob Mumford, Brian Troyer, Peter Lindman
AB: Krystle Mortimore
PM: Kellie Pederson