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LT Style Electric Glide

W+K and Nike took LaDainian Tomlinson off the field and into the dance hall (in that little white suit he likes so much) bringing the world the newest sports-infused dance craze to hit that silly web-net: The LT Style Electric Glide. With a thumpin’ beat from Flosstradamus, lyrics from the guys of Night Sweat, and a stellar delivery from LT, the world is sure to be Glidin’ all the way to the Lakeside hotels. Gas up the car guys, it’s gonna be kinda right. 

Wave to your Mom!

Creative Directors: Jeff Williams, Alberto Ponte
Creatives: Brandon Pierce/Mike Warzin
Director: Tim Skousen
Music Producer: Flosstradamus
Lyrics: Night Sweat
Broadcast Producer: Kevin Diller
Editor: Katie Turinski
Motion Graphics: Mode Project
Account Executive: Matt Hernholm
Makeup: Randy Burke

We are grateful.

Thanks, Portland Ad Community. We won some awards at the Rosey’s a couple weeks ago.

Judges Favorite = Old Spice: Swaggerize Me
Interactive and Intergrated = Old Spice: Swaggerize Me

Television = Old Spice: Pro Strength II- Doctor and Lord Brian / Nike: Fate / CareerBuilder: Tips

Television Series = Old Spice: Lord Brian, I love you, Seriously, Tony Stewart
Rosey01 Rosey02

Congratulations to all. Thanks 52 Limited for hosting the After Party.


The 2009 NFL regular season started last night as we kicked off our new Nike Pro Combat campaign. Director David Fincher returns for another Nike football spot, this time featuring Adrian Peterson going through a visual transformation using the Pro Combat pattern as a force field of unstoppable moves.
The campaign also includes a 10-page gatefold in this months NFL preview issue of ESPN magazine, OOH boards, and the digital portion which rolls out next week includes a banner that you can hook up your webcam and have a staring contest with Purple Jesus himself.





One_Penn_OOH copy

Nike-Sunset-web copy

Creative Directors: Jeff Williams, Alberto Ponte
Art Director: James Moslander
Copywriter: Antony Goldstein
Account Management: Michael Dalton
Director: David Fincher
Broadcast Producers: Tieneke Pavesic, Jeff Selis
Art Buyers: Krystle Mortimore, Mia Chong-Hanssen
Print Photographer:
Robert Maxwell
7th Art Group
Studio Designers:
Josh Nelson, Mike Henderson
Studio Manager:
Wendy Martenson
Retouching: Peter Lindman
Media: Daniel Sheniak, Reme DeBisschop, Ryan Haskins
Project Manager: Kellie Pederson
Print Producer: Denise Hanggi
Business Affairs: Laura Caldwell

Don’t Criticize, Nike Hyperize.

Juicy jheri-curls, Hypronautz, prosthetic fingers, DJ Quik, purple fog, Italian-Style coaching, twins, low-riders and taxidermied lions. It’s all part of the new basketball campaign for the Nike Hyperize.

Shout out to Velvet Hoop (the Thunder’s Kevin Durant), Chief-Blocka (the 76er’s Andre Iguondala), Ice-O (the Magic’s Rashard Lewis), Fog Raw (the Cav’s Mo Williams) and the legendary DJ Quik for clockin’ in, having fun and straight Hyperizin’.

"Let your game and your mind be free
have fun and you will see
get your teammates on your side
and show some style."
-Chief Blocka

O10129-8Sht-StraightOut O10129-8Sht-Backstage M10104_Shameless Showtime M10104_IllDunkification M10104_Unnecessary Nasty M10104_OffensiveOffense O10129-8Sht-FreshFeeds O10129-8Sht-OoohWee 


Creative Directors: Jeff Williams, Alberto Ponte, Tyler Whisnand
Art Director: Mike Warzin
Copywriter: Brandon Pierce
Account Management: Alyssa Ramsey
Strategic Planning: Desmond Marzette
Director: Andreas Nilsson
Music Production: DJ Quik
Broadcast Producers: Tieneke Pavesic, Jeff Selis
Art Buyer: Krystle Mortimore
Print Photographer: Dewey Nicks
Studio Artist: Rehanah Spence, Brian Troyer, Rob Mumford
Studio Manager: Sarah Starr
Retouching: Greg Radich, Frazer Goodbody
Media: Daniel Sheniak, Tenny Park, Christina Ruiz, Ian Carey
Project Manager: Abby Marten
Print Producer: Denise Hanggi, Deborah Hyde
Business Affairs: Laura Caldwell
Interactive: Sean O’Brien, Josh Pope, Jason Strand, Mark Shepherd, Rodney Curl
Interactive Producer: Ryan Bolls
Special Thanks: Aubrey Dean, Ademar Matinian, Mison Henley, Kelly Merrill, Matt Tong

Brandon, Mike and the one and only DJ Quik.