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Meet the Interns 2014 – Part 2

The interns are among us! Here are just a few of their friendly faces. Keep checking the blog for more, and watch our internships page for openings:

Gabe Sherman
Gabe Sherman – Copywriting
Gabe grew up a few minutes north of San Francisco in the hills of Mill Valley. He originally planned on studying to become a dentist, but quickly realized the error of his ways and got a degree in advertising. (Time will tell regarding the wisdom of this decision, Gabe.)

He loves going to comedy shows, watching Netflix, going for runs, finding new craft beers to try, cooking, watching baseball, growing his beard, justifying his next road trip or trying to get on to roofs of buildings (not all at the same time…usually).

Blair Warren
Blair Warren – Art Directing intern
All you need to know about Blair is that a US Ambassador told her that he wouldn’t ship her body back to the States if she died while on a trip to the United Nations, and that later that week, she bungeed into the Nile.

Don’t fuck with Blair Warren.

Madison Savary – Account Services intern on Old Spice
Madison majored in journalism at the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!!), and is looking forward to all of the learning opportunities afforded to her by working at Wieden+Kennedy, and also all the karaoke. Okay, let’s be honest…mostly the karaoke.

Melissa Kuo – Studio Intern
Melissa hails from San Jose, California, where she recently graduated from CalArts with a degree in graphic design, which she hopes to use to make a positive impact in the world.

David Chathas – Creative Intern
David Chathas grew up chopping wood, and from the looks of it, never stopped. He likes to pet cats, talk to dogs, and order two entrees, and promises that if you bring him nunchucks he will show you cool tricks. We intend to take him up on that.

Meet the Interns 2014 – Part 1

The interns are among us! Here are just a few of their friendly faces. Keep checking the blog for more, and watch our internships page for openings:

Naheem Kujenya
Naheem Kujenya – Broadcast Production intern
An aspiring producer and filmmaker born and raised in Staten Island. He loves nature photography, playing chess, soccer, and bikram yoga.

James Heredia – Studio Intern
An aspiring artist from Miami with has a passion for animating, compositing and storytelling. He is also an avid skateboarder/surfer and documentarian.

Krisha Paz – Social and Interactive Strategy Intern
A Washington, DC native who says, “You’ll easily find me by my hair and tribal print clothing.” It’s her first time in Portland, but with the presence of coffee, books, hidden treasures, and Netflix, she feels right at home.

Daniel Moreno – Studio Intern
Hailing from Miami, he has over 13 years of classical music background playing the cello. He also loves video games, film, technology, pixel art and octopi.

Heavy Metal Band or Soccer Elite?


To help ESPN roll out coverage of the World Cup Draw, our New York office created a heavy metal band called "The Group of Death." For those in-the-know, 'The Group of Death' refers to a nickname to the one group that has more top-ranked teams than the others. (There is 4 teams in 8 groups)

The band reunites every four years and paints their faces the colors of the four unlucky countries and plays original songs like "Welcome To The Group Of Death" and "Your Love Is Like A Boot To The Face." Creating a Facebook and MySpace page, bloggers have all reported great interest. It all culminates with two live shows tonight at Nevada Smiths – the premier soccer pub in New York.

Quack! Quack!

There are a number of working ducks in our building. Lots of emails about getting and selling tickets for the anticipated Civil War game tonight. Prices as high as $225 per ticket! Our New York office did this spot for ESPN earlier this year. Brilliant, even if you are a Beaver. 

Steve Braband goes Live


July 26th, 2008
by Neil S. Velleman

ESPN Employee Steve Braband to be Campaign Spokesperson

On Sunday, July 27, ESPN will launch one of its most ambitious and groundbreaking promotional ad campaigns to date. Featuring a LIVE format of innovative spots, the campaign is designed to showcase the network’s new live morning SportsCenter block, which premieres Monday, Aug. 11 — the opening week of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Created by Wieden + Kennedy New York and produced by ESPN, the LIVE ads will feature 25-year-old Steve Braband – an actual ESPN employee – who will serve as the face of the campaign. ESPN is scheduled to air as many as 25 :30 spots per day for 15 days.

“We’ve been doing live TV since day one, but this is a big change for SportsCenter,” said Katie Lacey, ESPN senior vice president, marketing. “This concept seemed like a fun way to tell our viewers about the improvements to the show and to draw back the curtain and let them inside.”

Braband (Pittsburgh, Pa.) will be followed over a three-week period, going about his daily routine at work where he serves as a program coordinator, and at home in Southington, Conn. When it’s time for a promo, he will cease activity to do a live read.

He said, “When I found out that I was selected for the campaign, at first, I was shocked and scared…but that feeling has turned to excitement. I’m not sure what to expect.”

Check out Steve’s site here.