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Tom Selleck in the House

A few words from Chris Thurman- winner of the "best Tom Selleck" award in the annual W+K mustache Competition. Check out all the winners.



First I would like to thank the academy! i would like to thank all those that voted. I would like to thank all my friends that supported me. My agent. I would like to thank my mom and dad whom without their genealogy this would not have happened.

Most of all I would like to thank my wife who may hate the stache just a little less now; but probably not enough for a winners kiss I bet.

Thank you

PS: next year I will try for the red Ferrari

From the Basement

Luke Dreyer gave us a heads up about a project that WK London and Nokia are putting together for The Dead Weather, Jack White’s new band.

“I’ve been put on a Nokia project promoting a performance of Jack White’s new band The Dead Weather. You can read all about it at It’s amazing. Basically, it’s a free broadcast-quality stream of the band playing in the studio of long time Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich. The bands nearly brand new and they’re very good – think The White Stripes with more people. The show broadcasts in Portland at 1 p.m. next Monday and everyone in London would love it if you would take a minute to watch the feed. In the meantime, check out for a behind the scenes look at the band during the build-up to the show and tweet your support if you have a minute.”

Thanks Luke. On the From The Basement site, there are great clips from several artists.



David Lee and Jess Manchester were visiting from our WK London office. They challenged all-takers at WK Portland to a 2-on-2 Basketball game. Well nobody – I mean nobody comes to our house and bosses us around. After some discussion – Mison Henley down in AV and our own beloved postal queen Shei’meka Newmann stepped up to the challenge.

1 point games to 7
3-pointers = 2 points
Best of 2 out of 3 games

GAME 1) Mison and Shei’meka take it down 7-3
GAME 2) Uh oh David and Jess eek out a win 7-6 to even the match!
GAME 3) Final game! Mison can’t miss! 7-1 to take it down…..
Good game David and Jess! Come back anytime…



The nail-biting crowd as London takes game 2…



WOO HOO! WK Portland is victorious!


Jess and David give a thumbs down to the camera.


Mison gives a thumbs up…



Difficult is worth doing.

This from London.

As you may have seen over the weekend the new Honda ad “Jump” has launched.
This is the final piece of a project that has been a year in the making. Certainly a testament to the philosophy “Difficult is worth doing.”

If you have not already seen the ad check it out on our campaign blog:

This is the largest single campaign we have ever created for Honda and has included a huge outdoor and print element, as well as a campaign blog, making of documentary, online AV content, dealer radio and print, a teaser TV campaign, a live ad (which we collaborated with Channel 4 on) and finally the main TV spot.

Like all big projects they have a tendency to consume you whilst you push to get the work perfect. It is through the skill, passion and determination of these people that we have achieved such a great result.