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W+K London: The power of dreams: Jodorosky’s Dune and Raf Simons’ Dior


From W+K London, a lovely meditation on two recent documentaries about creative geniuses, and musings on their processes:

A couple of recent documentaries are worth a look for anyone interested in getting an insight into the creative process in industries different from advertising and marketing. 

Jodorowsky’s Dune tells the story of Chilean artist and director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s unmade movie of Dune. He assembled an amazing group of collaborators, including French comics creator Moebius, Swiss artist of the gothic and bizarre HR Giger, Pink Floyd and special effects man Dan O’Bannon. He apparently signed up an amazing cast including David Carradine, Orson Welles, Mick Jagger, Udo Kier and Salvador Dali. And he developed a complete script and storyboard, scene by scene, for the entire movie. But the project was too ambitious and Jodorowsky apparently too crazed and uncompromising for any Hollywood studio to back him and his film. The fact that David Lynch was picked as the ‘safe’ option to direct Dune, in preference to Jodorowsky, gives some indication of just how far out there the Jodorowsky Dune would have been.

Read the full post on the W+K London blog.


Spotlight On W+K London

Our London office has recently released a whole slew of gorgeous work. Check out some of the details below, then head over to the W+K London blog for more info, and to read some words of wisdom from ECD Neil Christie.

Great stuff:

After realizing that 17 of the animal emoji used every day represent endangered species, London paired up with the World Wildlife Fund for a clever social media-based fundraiser.

A multifaceted campaign and :90 spot perfectly captures the Icelandic spirit (and reviving power of skyr) for Arla Skyr.

Some gorgeous, mouthwatering print work accompanied the latest campaign for Lurpak.

Check out the W+K London blog for even more of their latest work, office fun, and peeks into personality!

Happy Holidays From W+K Around the World

The work comes first, unless we’re tucked away at home for the holidays. While we’re sipping eggnog, here’s what’s happening on television screens around the world:

In London, a tweet from a Tesco customer inspired a campaign letting 800 town residents switch on one million Christmas lights, while the television spot celebrates the festive spirit that goes into preparing for the holidays.

(They also created some lovely cards made from the pulped remains of last year’s Christmas trees, benefitting Trees for Cities)

From our Delhi office, this year’s Diwali celebration saw Audi lighting up 400 homes in a village; for every 50 tweets on #shareyourlight, the company provided a set of solar LED lamps.


In Amsterdam, an epic match between Lionel Messi and Eden Hazard is cheered on by a few festive friends:

AMS has also made a snowglobe for you to enjoy–visit on your mobile device to make it snow and share the love.

Whatever and whenever you celebrate, here’s hoping you have a happy and peaceful time.

W+K Platform

W+K London's is seeking talent to take part in their Research & Development lab experiment called Platform. We are looking for people from technology and anthropological backgrounds. The aim of their work will be to provide W+K and our clients with new ways for brands to engage and interact with people in the future.
We need super-smart people who are keen to explore the future through themes such as play, sustainability, mobile and story-telling. They will need to be proven in their specialist field, and be free for a minimum of 3 months, up to a maximum of 9 months, to work on multiple projects.The specific areas of skills we are looking for include physical computing, social media, augmented reality, gaming and interaction design. NB: we're not looking for budding designers, art directors or copywriters as part of this initiative.
There is no deadline for entries, as we are running a rolling recruitment program. However, we are ready to start, so if you apply now you have a better chance of getting in.

Here’s the deal: £350 per week, space in our office, royalty share of profit for successful ideas and a link 
to W+K's worldwide creative network. All candidates will need to be resident in the EU or have a valid work visa for the UK. Apply now by sending your portfolio to, or contact her for further info.

We’d also like you to send an outline of an R&D project that you’d like to carry out at W+K Platform. 

For more info on Platform and to see some of what happened in season one, have a look at the Platform blog. Also check out the work of Platform Season One .

US vs London: EA fun

Happy World Cup! Electronic Arts is giving you the chance to take a shot at the other side. Leading up to historic US v England confrontation on Saturday, EA is encouraging smack talk in a whole new way. Fans on both sides of the pond will be able to have their messages to the opposition kicked over the big drink and printed on a ball that will come out on the other side. If you are in LA or London today it's worth the trip to participate. In London stop by Leicester Square, 5p-9p BST. In LA stop by Universal CityWalk, 10a-2p PST.  


And if you aren’t there in person you can add your message to the mix on Facebook and Twitter.

U.S. fans can Tweet to @BallstotheBrits. People on the ground in LA (Universal CityWalk) can type a message on-site, have it printed on a soccer ball and fired from a billboard in Leicester Square, London.

England fans can Tweet insults to @BallstotheYanks. People on the ground in Leicester Square can do the same thing and have their message printed on a ball and shout of a billboard at CityWalk.

Spread the word on Facebook London and LA.