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Meet the Squad | W+K PDX Interns 2015

There’s nothing more earnest than the look in an intern’s eyes as they step into a Wieden+Kennedy office. Here’s the class of 2015 interns!
Abala Kim | Information Technology
Portland Community College/Portland State University
Abala was born in the “Democratic Republic” of  the Congo (Africa), but grew up in refugee camp in Zambia where he learnt nine languages and various drumming styles from different nationalities that lived there. How did he acquire IT skills? He won a three years UN College scholarship to go and study computers in Lusaka the capital city of Zambia. Now I fix bugs!
Andrew Couch | Creative, Copywriter 
Andrew Couch
Virgina Commonwealth University
Andrew earned a degree in Journalism from UNC Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) in 2013. Following graduation, he moved to Richmond, Virginia, where he spent two years hiding under a table at the VCU Brandcenter. They ended up giving him a degree. He enjoys movies (except for Jurassic World,) Basketball (again, go Heels,) long naps on the beach and writing about himself in the third person.
Annie Yuen | Account Services
Annie Yuen
Ithaca College
Annie is from Martha’s Vineyard, a small island off the cost of Cap Cod Massachusetts. Although she’s a Boston sports fan she somehow found herself going to college in New York (the year the Giants beat the Patriots was a tough one.) During her time at Ithaca College she majored in Integrated Marketing Communications, spending time with four clubs, a campus job AND studied abroad three times; in London, Beijing/Shanghai and Rome.
Anthony Holton | Media 
Anthony Holton
Concordia University
Anthony might have been born in Los Angeles, but grew up in the Beaverton area. As a student athlete in college (Basketball) Nike is a company that is very close to Anthony’s heart. Due to an injury in college, he was taken away from the game for a season. This forces him to explore and develop more of a creative hobby. He’s hoping to combine his interest in behavior with his passion for the game to help the W+K team connect with athletes around the world.
Brittany Johnson | Media
Brittany Johnson
Florida State University
Brittany was born to classic Jamaican parents in an equestrian suburb of sunny South Florida, better known as Wellington. She grew up loving art projects and loud music, which developed her knock for photography and DJing. Despite her being an unruly youngster, Brittany exceeded her mother’s expectations by graduating with honors from Florida State University and being recognized by organizations such as AAF and ADCOLOR. When she’s not getting lost in foreign lands, you can catch her spreading positive vibes in a city near you.
Cameron Soane | Creative, Art Director 
Brigham Young University
Three truths and a lie:
1. I hail from sunny Seattle
2. I once went hiking for two weeks straight
3. I’m half South African
4. When I’m not art direction, I’m playing thrash metal
Carlos Enciso | Studio
Carlos Enciso
Ringling College of Design
In Carlos’s free time, he enjoys working on personal art projects, aimlessly going on walks, playing with puppies, watching cartoons and going to punk and metal shows. So far Portland has been nothing but amazing, from great food to great people I am really excited to continue to explore the city and meet as many people as possible.
Carly Williamson | Account Services 
Carly Williamson
University of North Carolina
During Carly’s time at UNC, she played soccer and was a member of the journalism school. About a month after graduating, she was on her way to Portland to explore the Northwest. Luckily, she was given this opportunity at W+K, where her passion for athletics continues to grow.
Chen Liang | Creative, Art Director 
Chen Liang
Creative Circus
Born in Taiyuan, China, Chen, as a toddler, defeated the might snake demon of Yangzte River by challenging him to arm wrestling and a game of sudoku.

Needless to say, she won because snakes don’t have arms. She became a local celebrity in the bordering fishing village, but peaked too early in life, and has been disappointing people ever since the Demon Altercation of ’91. To help her deal, her parents moved her to the U.S. hoping she could find a profession she could be slightly above average at, so she joined the Circus and became an art director.

She considers herself a Virginian and can be bribed with good company and moderately good coffee.

Danielle McCoy | Studio
Savanah College of Art and Design
A lover of basketball, show-tunes, herbal tea & all things creative, Danielle is from Antigua & Barbuda in the West Indies, where there are 365 beaches (one for every day of the year). She has an affinity for precariously stacking objects & dancing along in elevators but must importantly of all, she tries to see the possibilites in everything.
Ebony Francis | Account Services
Ebony Francis
 University of Missouri
Hailing from the great city of Orlantexouri, in other words, she’s Florida born, Texas raised and Mizzou made, (moved around a bit). She loves to stuff her face with flavorful food, take free flights around the world, spend her meager earnings on things she can’t afford and overshare on social media. She change’s her hair color more than the oil in her car. She tries to meet someone new everyday. She likes figuring out what motivates people to get up in the morning. Her friends would describe her as painfully awkward, but she prefer charmingly-quirky.
Emma Dou | Creative, Copywriter
Emma Dou
Virginia Commonwealth University
Originally from Beijing, but at the moment a Canadian, Emma sleeps on her stomach, with her head crooked to the side and her hands under her pillow. This was a cause for concern until her doctor said it was perfectly natural because her upper body is on the heavy side, when compared to her lower body. Now you know folks.
Farin Nikdel | Interactive Production
Farin Nikdel
University of Portland
Born and raised in Spokane, Washington, Farin comes from two incredibly loving Iranian parents that have shown her so much of the world. She still can’t believe she was given the chance to intern at W+K and is thankful everyday.
Things she loves: Peach-Os, bargain hunting and shamelessly memorizing rap lyrics to later impress her friends.
Her current obsession: Cowgirl boots
Grace Rivera | Art Production
Grace Rivera
Rhode Island School of Design
Grace grew up in Bergen County, New Jersey. At the tender age of five, she was awarded 3rd place in an art show for drawing a basket of seasonal fruit with colored pencils. She finds pleasure in making list of things I’ll more or less accomplish in the span of a day, as well as mott’s cranberry flavored applesauce (chilled, not room temp). There is no shame in listening to 2000s female pop music maybe before/after/during photographing hot chicks, vintage cars, freeway tourist attractions, characteristic architecture and multiples.
Helen Torney | Creative, Art Director 
University of Oregon
Fresh graduate from the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication, Helen likes to steal tiny spoons, knows her way around a ceramic wheel and thinks breakfast should be served every meal of the day. She also loves working with people who are not afraid of a little adventure, staying awake ’til the sun comes up, and surrounding herself with great people!
Jeredon O’Conner | Content Services
Howard University
Jeredon enjoys long walks through nature, art, filmmaking and PANCAKES (extra emphasis on the pancakes). He’s the intern from Memphis, Tennessee, so you’ll more than likely see him in Memphis Grizzlies gear or anything Tennessee related. If he’s not in any Tennessee gear just look for the guys who’s always smiling and laughing. His filmmaking is focused primary on cinematography, writing and directing. His career goal is to be a featured film and commercial director.
Jesica Marquez | Lodge
San Francisco State University
A Creative Technologist, Developer and Fashionista, some of us suspect that Jesica is a cyborg as well. She’s Filipina, the youngest of 6 kids, and is from Joshua Tree, California. Initially an Apparel Design major at San Francisco State University, Jes caught the Silicon Valley bug and switched to Computer Science so that she could bridge the worlds of Fashion and Technology together. Her work includes a hologram necklace and an LED handbag – staples for any cyborg programmed to be chic. When she’s not sleeping or on late-night coding dates with her laptop, she’s eating donuts or sushi, chillaxin’ with friends, and teaching girls how to code for a non-profit, CodeEd
Kim Jones | Studio
Ringling College of Art + Design
Raised in Las Vegas, NV where she grew to appreciate eye catching design and the occasional good weather. Besides being a designer, she is always living in the constant struggle of loving the outdoors and the Internet. She loves creating new worlds as well as exploring her own. She is happy to be interning at W+K and looks forward to the new experiences. Pro Tip: Making her laugh is the surest way to become her friend
Kory Rozich | Lodge, Experience Designer
Virginia Commonwealth University

After spending the last two years in Richmond, VA, Kory decided to leave the sultry summers behind him in favor of a dryer climate. His gig is Experience Design and his vices are medium rare cheeseburgers and black coffee. He likes to make people laugh, play for keeps on movie trivia night, and avoid sharks at all times. He spent the summer last year as a UX intern with Deutsch LA’s D-Prep program and recently graduated with a Master’s degree from the VCU Brandcenter

Lilly Archer | Studio
University of Oregon
Born in New England but raised here in Portland, Lilly recently graduated from the UofO with a Digital Arts degree, while playing on the Oregon Women’s Soccer team. Fun Facts: She loves trying new foods and is always game for sushi. After competitively retiring from soccer, she has taken on longish distance running. Living in Oregon the majority of her life, she loves the outdoors especially camping.
Marquis Mahoney | Account Services
Howard University
An account management intern on the Nike team, Marquis recently graduated from Howard earning a degree in Journalism with a concentration in advertising. You will most likely catch him writing poetry, sampling craft brews at your local brewery and reading about the technological advances that can potentially plague an economy fueled by capitalism. If any of the above mentioned interest peaked your attention, hit him up, and you can chat over coffee.
Ryan Niland | Creative, Copywriter 
 Virginia Commonwealth University

Competitive Eating fan. Celtic Football Club supporter. Once was a professional sailboat racer. 19th century baseball researcher. Friend of the animals that no one else likes. VCU Grad. Baltimore, MD

Valeene Wilson | Account Services
University of Central Florida
Born in London, England, but having lived most of her life in Florida, one of the things that Valeene is saddest about is that she can no longer handle 60 degree weather… She used to laugh at those people. She’ll leave you all with her favorite quote: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” – taught by Sri Chinmoy. She tries to share it whenever she gets the chance.
Vivian Zhang | Media
University of Connecticut

When Vivian isn’t working on advertising, she is exploring the world around her. She craves the freedom she gets from snowboarding down a mountain and the absurdity of reuniting with her best friends. Overall, she is a caffeine dependent life-form whose motto is work hard, play hard.


Meet the Interns 2014 – Part 2

The interns are among us! Here are just a few of their friendly faces. Keep checking the blog for more, and watch our internships page for openings:

Gabe Sherman
Gabe Sherman – Copywriting
Gabe grew up a few minutes north of San Francisco in the hills of Mill Valley. He originally planned on studying to become a dentist, but quickly realized the error of his ways and got a degree in advertising. (Time will tell regarding the wisdom of this decision, Gabe.)

He loves going to comedy shows, watching Netflix, going for runs, finding new craft beers to try, cooking, watching baseball, growing his beard, justifying his next road trip or trying to get on to roofs of buildings (not all at the same time…usually).

Blair Warren
Blair Warren – Art Directing intern
All you need to know about Blair is that a US Ambassador told her that he wouldn’t ship her body back to the States if she died while on a trip to the United Nations, and that later that week, she bungeed into the Nile.

Don’t fuck with Blair Warren.

Madison Savary – Account Services intern on Old Spice
Madison majored in journalism at the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!!), and is looking forward to all of the learning opportunities afforded to her by working at Wieden+Kennedy, and also all the karaoke. Okay, let’s be honest…mostly the karaoke.

Melissa Kuo – Studio Intern
Melissa hails from San Jose, California, where she recently graduated from CalArts with a degree in graphic design, which she hopes to use to make a positive impact in the world.

David Chathas – Creative Intern
David Chathas grew up chopping wood, and from the looks of it, never stopped. He likes to pet cats, talk to dogs, and order two entrees, and promises that if you bring him nunchucks he will show you cool tricks. We intend to take him up on that.

Meet the Interns 2014 – Part 1

The interns are among us! Here are just a few of their friendly faces. Keep checking the blog for more, and watch our internships page for openings:

Naheem Kujenya
Naheem Kujenya – Broadcast Production intern
An aspiring producer and filmmaker born and raised in Staten Island. He loves nature photography, playing chess, soccer, and bikram yoga.

James Heredia – Studio Intern
An aspiring artist from Miami with has a passion for animating, compositing and storytelling. He is also an avid skateboarder/surfer and documentarian.

Krisha Paz – Social and Interactive Strategy Intern
A Washington, DC native who says, “You’ll easily find me by my hair and tribal print clothing.” It’s her first time in Portland, but with the presence of coffee, books, hidden treasures, and Netflix, she feels right at home.

Daniel Moreno – Studio Intern
Hailing from Miami, he has over 13 years of classical music background playing the cello. He also loves video games, film, technology, pixel art and octopi.