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W+K On the Side: What Ye is It?

Can’t wait for the new Kanye album?

Can’t always remember what day it is?

Neither can we. Lucky for you, there’s an answer.


Nick Stokes and Eric Swanson, two Portland-based WKers who are super stoked for Kanye’s 7th album, have created—a single serving website that lets you add some ‘Ye to your day with 7 custom looping animations based on Kanye’s 7 solo albums and the 7 days of the week.

“It started out as just one drawing,” Stokes said. “Then that became an animation, then all the days of the week. It took on a life of its own.”

Check out a new video every day for a week at and @WhatYeIsIt on Instagram.

Happy Tues’Ye!

Team “What Ye Is It”:

Nick Stokes
Instagram: @nick_stokes_design

Eric Swanson

W+K On the Side: Sad Animal Facts

Brooke Barker has some incredible and horribly sad animal facts.

Did you know that shark pregnancies last four years, sea turtles never meet their parents, and ostriches spend winters alone?

These are the kind of things you’ll learn from @sadanimalfacts, a series started by W+K Portland copywriter Brooke Barker. The Instagram account is dedicated to daily adorable illustrations of our animal friends, paired with little-known and depressing facts about them.



Brooke started the daily project 26 days ago as part of #the100dayproject. There are 74 days left to go and thousands of sad animals clamoring for a spot. If you know an especially sad animal fact that could use an illustration you can email her to nominate it.


Friday Recommends

Global Director of Interactive Strategies Renny Gleeson has some recommended reading/listening to get your brain whirring this weekend (and beyond).

Andreessen Horowitz’s a16z Podcast with Benedict Evans: Messaging is the Medium

A podcast (25:13) on how mobile is leading the industry.

“He talks faster than any human being on this planet,” Renny said. “And what he’s saying is brilliant.”

Minimum Lovable Product, by Spook Studio


“These are all valuable principles,” Renny said. “We’re examining our work, adjusting, and adopting.”

79 Theses on Technology. For Disputation.

79 provocative theses about the state of the world, and the technology and people within it; The Infernal Machine is taking each of these theses individually and digging deeper into them.

W+K On the Side: Shadowrun


We’re lucky to be living in a global renaissance of board games. Board and card games encourage face-to-face interaction with your friends and family, are good for your brain, give you an excuse to get away from screens for a while, and most importantly, they’re a ton of fun. Portland, Oregon has a thriving community of tabletop and board games players, and our own Tony Gambino shares why he’s proud to be among them. Continue reading