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Thank you, Brilliant Bicycles!

We were sent a lovely gift from Brilliant Bicycles last month, so we decided to do the only logical thing—give it away in a Scavenger Hunt!

The tension was high as people anticipated when the bike would be hidden. Finally, at 2 pm on Wednesday, the hunt began and people started running around the building in search of the bike.

It was found pretty quickly by the lucky Tony Gambino.

Thanks, Brilliant, for the beautiful bike, and congratulations Tony!




Join Us This First Thursday To View Lot 1225


Join us in Portland this Thursday to see “Lot 1225”, a beautifully curated exhibition of artifacts from the Holiday Era.

Lot 1225 was discovered during an archaeological dig in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth. These artifacts date back to the late second millennium, and the archivists of The Snowflake Preservation Society have painstakingly assembled this exhibit.

It is our only window onto the world as it existed during the Holiday Era.

Call the museum’s docent at (503) 926-6333 to hear more about our exhibits, and RSVP to the event here.


“The Baddest” and the Cutting Room Floor

leefieldsbaddestA big part of advertising is leaving things on the cutting room floor. In the long run, you learn to justify the decision, live with it, or come to realize it was for the best.

Much of “The Baddest,” a Nike campaign in support of Kevin Durant’s seventh signature shoe, was shot in Memphis, Tennessee this past April. It only made sense to bring the music of that city into the mix. After all, nothing says bad like decades worth of Southern Soul, especially when so many of the musicians who helped create that sound are still working musicians in that city.

We made a pilgrimage to Royal Studios to cut a track with the legendary Hi Rhythm Section. We brought in Brooklyn-based vocalist Lee Fields to carry the lead on a song written for the campaign by William Bungeroth and Julie Nichols, arranged and stylized by Chicago’s J.C. Brooks and the Uptown Sound. That song—called “The Baddest”—was about the exact quality that makes Durant such a great basketball player and the musicians on the session such battled-tested pros.

We got to hang out at the studios, totally incognito, while the Hi Rhythm Section cut their demo of the track. And then we made another trip back for session with Fields, so we could film the proceedings and use bits of it in the spot. When we shipped in June, the spot had none of the footage and not a single second of music recorded at Royal.

The chance to record at Royal was life-affirming, life-altering, and everything in between. Although it didn’t work in the edit, we found a way you can hear it so that experience—and the music—don’t go to waste.

“The Baddest”
Written by William Bungeroth and Julie Nichols
Arrangement by J.C. Brooks and the Uptown Sound
Performed by Lee Fields
Performed by Hi Rhythm Section

When a Van Loves a Woman: the Michael Bolton Running Club Makes Us Feel Their Love

mbrcYesterday, the Michael Bolton Running club brought it on home, running the once in a lifetime Epic Oregon Relay–all the way through the Willamette Valley, from Beaverton to Eugene. Ain’t no mountain high enough to stop these desperate hearts, who went the distance–all the way to paradise.

Check out their pics below. Continue reading

Approximately 40 Adorable Photos of W+K Dogs (& a Few Other Friends) Playing in the Snow

wksnowdogsWe love dogs. Dogs love snow. It snowed all weekend long in Portland, and the W+K dogs were in heaven. Check them out in one massive pic dump below the jump, or in this Facebook album. Continue reading