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Throwback Thursday: Jim Riswold on Mars Blackmon and Air Jordan


Today we’re pleased to present an amazing peek into the W+K archives with a look at the origin of the well-known Mars Blackmon and Hare Jordan spots of the 80s and 90s, in the words of the legendary Jim Riswold: Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: When People Tattoo Your Work On Their Body, You Can Say You’ve Made It


In 2006, the third class of W+K 12, Portland’s in-house advertising school, collaborated on a project to introduce themselves to the agency. That project was the “Fail Harder” wall, an art installation that remains one of the most popular pieces of art in the agency. Continue reading

When W+K Walked on the Wild Side

The Willamette Week recently spotlighted our 1985 spot for Honda scooters featuring Lou Reed as a significant moment in Portland’s history.

Dan and David had this to say:

“It saved our butt,” Kennedy said. “That was a pivotal point. The Honda spot ran–and Nike, whether that influenced them or not–came back to us.”

They also pointed out that the collaboration with editor Larry Bridges was essential to their success, both on this spot and with other iconic pieces, including 1988’s “Revolution” spot for Nike.

“This agency should be Wieden and Kennedy and Bridges,” Kennedy said.

“Yeah, because without that Bridge we wouldn’t have crossed a lot of ‘em,” Wieden added, laughing.

Check out the WW piece for an excellent summation on the spot’s significance for advertising in general and its impact on W+K’s business specifically, and the rest of their 40th anniversary special issue for some really excellent and interesting Portland history.

Also, while the above spot was for Honda Scooters, you can see our current slate of Honda brand work, which is handled by our London office.

From the Archives: Tempbot by Neill Blomkamp & Mark Fitzloff

Today, Neill Blomkamp is a well-regarded director of feature films including District 9 and the just-released Elysium. But in 2006, he was hanging around with our own Mark Fitzloff and W+K Entertainment, producing short films like “Tempbot”, the story of a temporary office worker just trying to make it in this crazy, mixed-up corporate world.

(Thanks to Dan Hon & Tribeca Film for the tip)