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April Gallery Space

To celebrate Wieden+Kennedy Founders’ Day we have invited Illustrator and former W+Ker Michael Illick to cover our gallery walls with his irreverent style and sense of humor.

Over a period of two days Michael has drawn an epic battle of The Clan of Dan vs. The Clan of David. From the east Dan’s band of mischievous monkeys pelt apple pie slices mercilessly towards Dave's band of Neanderthal oafs in the west. It is an ambitious composition of grand proportions. Michael calls it his Guernica, I call it the Lascaux of the Pearl.  

Stop by and enjoy its overall grandeur, but also take time to look more closely and giggle at the cartoon antics of this remarkable cast of crazies.

IllickPanaramaIllicktheDrawingIllickDetail Wondering why Riswold’s head is so big? You will find out in May, when his own WK12 clan takes over the space.

Wedding and Kennedy Strikes Again

Cupid strikes Wedding+Kennedy. What is this number 37*? Studio designer Christin Spagnoli and Joint editor Matthew Hilber met at W+K Founders Day 25. He asked her her thoughts on cockfights, she thought his name was Corky. Two years later, it’s wedding bliss. Congrats to Christin and Matt!

*Please note: Christin thinks there have been around 37 couples that found their soul mates within the halls of WK globally. Plus or minus 30.

Spags01 Spags02

W+K Founders Day XXVI

Where to even begin. We are 26 now. Offices all over the world, a couple thousand employees, a body of work to be proud of and another year wiser. This year it was about giving back to the community that we live in. With 400 sets of hands we can do a lot to better the world around us.

For the week before, people brought in donations of food, toys, bicycles and other charitable items. These would be delivered by hand to organizations all over the rose city.



Cleaning up and planting trees at Gabriel Park


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