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First Thursday of the Year

Jamie Kim from our Amsterdam office put together an impressive art show "Imagining Mozambique". The collection is a gathering of internationally renowned artsits who have created thought-provoking art inspired by the Mozambican children and bring attention to their day-to-day plight for survival and change. All prints are available for purchase at an affordable price. Money raised through sale of the artwork goes directly to ASEM- ASsocation en faveur de l'Enfance Mozambiquaine. Please check out her beautiful website and come visit our lobby this Thursday to see the complete show. 5:30-7:00 Opening reception. Well done, Jamie!

Kicking off the Holidays

To start the holidays we held a small soiree in the front lobby for First Thursday last week complete with cupcakes, candy and hot cocoa. We also showed off our new interactive window display fireplace. Thanks to Kelly Wright and David Neevel who designed the space and all the WK Elves who helped: Dan Wieden, Joani Wardwell, Kay Zerr, Denise Hanggi, Ademar Matinian, Erin Sorenson, Paul Levy, Christin Spagnoli, Amy Corcoran, Tram Pham, Sarah Hollowood, and our beloved barista Matthew. Special shout out to Heather Harvey's nanny Marlene for the wonderful cupcakes!


Heavy Metal Artist David Kennedy

Our very own David Kennedy is a man of many talents and tales.
Hang around him for just a bit and you will be treated to many
 surprises. Sure he has proven his abilities in the art of advertising, (he is in fact in the Advertising Hall Of Fame) but he is also skilled in the finer arts- as a sculptor. David is a modest man and it took some coaxing but we were fortunate to convince him to share with us his passion for working with metal. The opening night was a splendid affair and many people got their first small glimpse at just what Kennedy is up to in his many daily doings. The show will be up for the month of November, viewing times are M-F from 9a-5p.