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Portland Artists Turn Out for First Thursday We Make Show at Cleaners at Ace Hotel

photo by lenaskitchen

Last First Thursday, Portland’s artists turned out for this year’s exhibition of “We Make”, a curated show presented by some of the artists from W+K’s Studio department. The show is about showcasing the talents of the artists outside of the design work they do every day, and allowing them to create for the fun–and love–of making.

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Join Us Tonight in Portland for the First Thursday Showing of “We Make”

In Portland tonight? Join us on First Thursday to see the work of Katie McHugh, Sam Tudyk, Tyler Riewer, Mark Shepherd, Chris Lael Larson, Dani Guralnick, Chelsea Parker Guidry, Brad Simon and Curtis Pachunka.

Location: The Cleaners at Ace Hotel (403 SW 10th Ave)

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A Q&A with W+K’s Chris Larson on Intimacy, Cheerleaders and his October Gallery Show, Yourself Through Others

W+K studio designer and artist Chris Larson makes videos that question intimacy. Whether it’s a video of a cheerleader going through a routine in slow motion, or a woman dancing in a discotheque with her partner strangely erased from the footage, the work shakes up our notions of closeness. In this interview, Larson talks about cheerleaders, Facebook, and his October gallery show at W+K Portland, Yourself Through Others.

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Q&A with Artist Wendy Given About Her First Thursday Show Death Caps and Dark Wood

Local artist Wendy Given’s work has a distinctly “leafy” quality. Her large prints of forest scenes make it feel as though you’ve walked into the Caldera wilderness—until you look closely and see faces carved into the tree trunks (done in post production, of course).

You will find a ring of carved wooden mushrooms painted black and white with one gilded in 24K gold; sometimes known as hexenringe—(“witches’ rings” in German)—a naturally occurring ring or arc of mushrooms—in Given’s sculpture it is an imitation of how mushrooms grow in the wild in a necrotic zone—an area in which grass or other plant life has withered or died.

Check our our Q&A with Wendy about her work, and experience this walk in the woods by visiting the W+K PDX foyer during the month of September. The show, Death Caps and Dark Wood, kicks off during First Thursday, on September 6.
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First Thursday at W+K PDX: Pac NW Surfers Make Waves

For First Thursday, our very own Amy Carleton has put together a summertime show of artwork produced by local surfers, “It Comes in Waves”, which will run throughout the month.

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